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Study Of The Government Support Policy Of China Cross-border E-commerce

Posted on:2017-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512474603Subject:Administrative Management
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Cross-border e-commerce is theadvanced form of traditional e-commerce,its emergence and development has a profound social-economic background.Global economic integration and the explosive expansion of the internet economy have made e-commerce gradually break through the national and regional restrictions,and it has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the global trade.The traditional international trade has become more difficult because of the worldwide financial crisis in 2008,Which also has accelerated the emergence and spread of cross-border e-commerce to some extent.Cross-border e-commerce as a new type of economic form,which has broader markets,more profits,more convenient procedures and higher efficiency,it is becoming the emerging market that the world is contending for in the network economic times,it also has gradually become a new engine of economic development.Our government has seized the new development opportunity,played an important role in the market economy.Up to now,there are twelve cities including Shanghai,Chongqing,Ningbo,Zhengzhou,Shenzhen,Guangzhouhave become comprehensive test areas.New models,new methods and new experiences will be explored in these comprehensive test areas to overcome the factors which hinder the development of cross-border e-commerce,and put the successful experiences to the whole country.In this paper,it will make in-depth study of the supportive policy of the government on cross-border e-commerce,focusing on the interpretation of existing government supportive policies,and making analysis of the actual status of the first batch of pilot cities of cross-border e-business in our country.Through representative sample,based on advanced experiences learned from US-the country with the most developed cross-border e-business,to put forward suggestions on improving supportive policies of cross-border e-business in our country,so as to provide references for academic researches and for the government to solve practical problems.Discussions about related viewpoints on the research and policy will enrich the research results of administrative management subject on the topic and on the other hand,it has provided useful policy suggestions and theoretical supports for improving the supportive policies of cross-border e-business,optimizing policy environment,increasing competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce enterprises,and promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce industry,which has important theoretical and practical significance.The content of this paper is divided into six parts:Part I:Introduction,it has introduced the research background and the meaning of this paper,it also has reviewed and summarized the foreign and domestic literatureto explain the research method and innovative points;Part ?:Concepts and basic theories.In this part,it has definedthe concepts of the cross-border e-commerce and the government support policies,and then illustrated the theories of government economic functions and public policy implementation;Part ?:Overview of the cross-border e-commerce development in our country.This part has introduced the development,status quo and trend of China 's cross-border e-commerce,and the reasons and content of the government supportive policies.Part ?:Overview of the supportive policies issued by Chinese government to support the development of cross-border e-business.In this part,it also has introduced the reasons of the obstructive factors of China's cross-border e-commerce.Part ?:The supportive policies and experiences of the US government.This part has introduced the development of US cross-border e-commerce and relevant policies,and then summarized the beneficial experiences of US government on supporting cross-border e-commerce.Part ?:Suggestions on perfecting the government supportive policy of cross-border e-commerce.Part ?:Conclusion.This paper has three main conclusions:(1)Cross-border e-commerce plays an important role in the transformation and upgrading of international trade;(2)In practice,the government should guide and support China's cross-border e-commerce on concept updates,laws and regulations establishment,macro-planning,institutional reform,platform construction,policy environment improvement;(3)As China's market economy is not yet mature,cross-border e-commercestill has a long way to go.This paper has planned two innovation points:(1)Research object:Foreign and domestic researches on cross-border e-commerce mainly start from the international trade,enterprise economy or other subjects,scholars scarcely studied the issues of supportive policies of cross-border e-commerce;(2)Topic selection:Cross-border e-commerce is a new type of economic format in recent years.This paper has arranged the government policies since 2013,and analyzed the status quo of the first five cross-border e-commerce cities,and learned from the advanced experiences of the developed countries,then put forward the policy recommendations to improve the development of China's cross-border e-commerce business.
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