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Study On The Risk Of Social Stability In The Urban Renewal And Transformation Of The City Of Shang Chong Village

Posted on:2019-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330569488500Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid expansion of the city,the number of villages in the city is increasing.Due to the lack of unified planning,construction and management of villages,mostly has the characteristics of poor infrastructure,weak management,serious environmental pollution,poor quality of life,which seriously affected the image and positioning of the city,resulting in more land occupancy rate is high,low utilization rate,serious problems such as lower output rate.The reconstruction of village in the city to promote the city development has a significant and far-reaching significance,and because the process is directly related to the vital interests of the people,which belongs to the major projects and applies to major decisions and social stability analysis,factors to be considered in all possible,and carries on the identification,analysis,evaluation,can effectively grasp the risks urban village renovation project,provide scientific reference for the government and relevant departments and construction units,prevent making mistakes.This topic through the renovation project of ShangChong Village as an example of the village renewal risk analysis,to prevent,reduce and defuse the risk of social stability in the source for the major issues of the implementation unit and the relevant departments,and effectively protect the citizens,legal persons and other organizations of the legitimate rights and interests,effectively guarantee the smooth implementation of major matters,for the economy the healthy and orderly development of social harmony and stability of working environment.This thesis is divided into four chapters,the first chapter puts forward the research background,literature review,research contents and methods;the second chapter puts forward the theoretical basis of the study;the third chapter to evaluate the risk of village renovation project on the city;the fourth chapter puts forward measures and suggestions on the risk control of city village renovation project.The study found that the main risks that the project will face are: The first is the risk of policy planning and approval procedures.The second is the risk of housing demolition and resettlement compensation.The third is the technical and economic risk.The fourth is the risk of the impact on the ecological environment.The fifth is the risk of project management.The sixth is the risk of economicand social impact.The seven is the risk of quality safety and social security.The eight is the risk of media public opinion.City village renovation project on social stability risk research problem is universal in the reconstruction of the village social stability risk research field,this paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions,to help straighten out the recognition and evaluation of city village on the renovation of social stability risk,help to solve the existing problems in China’s urban village transformation risk management the problems in the process of eliminating and reducing the risk to the adverse effects of the project,so as to promote the implementation of the government in the process of reconstruction of the village smoothly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Village Transformation, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Risk Control
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