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A Study On The Reform Of Administrative Approval System In Hainan Province Since The 18th CPC National Conference

Posted on:2018-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330515492096Subject:Public administration
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The reform of administrative approval system has great significance,since it is one of the most important means to promote social development,boost economic prosperity,and accelerate the transformation of government functions.With the deepening of China's reform and opening up,especially after the 18th CPC National Conference,how to improve and deepen the reform of administrative approval system has become the focus of governments at all levels.Based on this background,this thesis will first center on the analysis of the present situation and existing problems in the reform of administrative approval system in Hainan Province;Then it will dwell on the causes leading to the problems;finally it will put forward some measures and suggestions to cope with corresponding problems.It will be greatly appreciated if this study can serve as references and suggestions for the further reform of administrative approval system in Hainan.Chapter 1 includes:research background,research significance,domestic and foreign research results,methods and innovative points;Chapter 2 is about theories and concepts.It introduces the connotation of administrative approval,function and related theories,including administrative licensing theory,public choice theory,new public management theory,and the theory of enterprise government;Chapter 3 deals with the present situation of the reform of administrative approval system in Hainan,including the existing policy documents and practices,approached from the amount of projects(to be approved)cancelled,the decentralization of power,process optimization,service quality improvement and so on;Chapter 4 dwells on the achievements in the reform of the administrative approval system in Hainan until now,and some existing problems and causes;Chapter 5 involves the good experience and enlightenments drawn from both at home and abroad,from developed countries as the United States,Australia,Britain,Canada,and brother provinces like Sichuan,Anhui,Shandong,Guangdong which have achieved good results in administrative approval system reform and innovation;Chapter 6 are measures and suggestions to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative approval system reform in Hainan,namely:active introduction of Internet technology,the implementation of online approval mode;improvement of the linkage between departments,strengthening the reform of performance appraisal;emphasis on after-reform supervision,reinforcement of decentralization of the core approval;taking advantage of local service at the same time actively introducing the third party approval service institution;Chapter 7 is the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hainan Province, administrative approval system, reform, streamline administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments
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