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Study On Reforming Basic Unit Law Enforcement Institutions Of Zhangjiagang MSA From The Perspective Of "Streamline Administration And Delegate Power To The Lower Levels"

Posted on:2021-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330647954688Subject:Public Administration
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Since the 18 th national congress of the communist party of China "streamlining administration and delegating power" has been raised to an unprecedented level."transforming government functions" is an urgent need and major measure to stabilize growth,control inflation,guard against risks and maintain sustained and sound economic development under the current situation.It is also an objective requirement for economic and social development at this stage.In accordance with the unified arrangements of the state council,the ministry of transport has carried out the reform of "streamlining administration and delegating power",the most important of which is the abolition of the ship entry and exit visa system,which has lasted for nearly a thousand years.This has brought new pressure and challenges to the grassroots maritime administration agencies.The abolition of ship entry and exit visa system not only reduces the operating cost of ships,but also improves the turnover efficiency of ship operation and port terminals.After the cancellation of the visa system for ships entering and leaving the port,the reporting system for ships entering and leaving the port shall be uniformly implemented.At the same time,in order to meet the needs of on-site safety supervision and provide supporting services for the management of ships entering and leaving ports,the maritime safety administration of the ministry of transport has carried out the reform of grassroots law enforcement agencies.By reducing the management level,it has realized flat management,tilting law enforcement resources to grassroots level,and constantly strengthening on-site safety supervision.In this paper,by referring to the relevant literature of the reform of government public administration and maritime administration organizations at home and abroad,the effect of implementing the reform requirements of "streamlining administration and delegating power" and carrying out the reform of grassroots law enforcement organizations in Zhangjiagang Maritime Safety Administration was comprehensively evaluated.With the help of investigation and research,it is found that there are some problems in Zhangjiagang Maritime Safety Administration,such as inadequate legal support,institutionalization of grass-roots operation mode,no substantial reduction of management level,and no significant improvement of management efficiency.By means of analyzing the public management professional knowledge,learning the cause of the problem,put forward to optimize the design of the reform at the top,unified law enforcement power,cut mad agency personnel,giving more autonomy at the grass-roots level,increase the basic unit maritime personnel management mechanism,improve "dynamic","static" led the department level,simplify the grassroots maritime "three-level monitoring" for the "secondary monitor",promote institutional reform and perfect the supporting system effect and so on.Zhangjiagang maritime administration has encountered many problems in the reform,which are common to maritime affairs along the Yangtze river.Relevant suggestions have certain reference value in practical application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, Reform of law enforcement agencies at the grassroots level, Maritime administration
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