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The Study Of National High Tech Zone E-government Construction

Posted on:2018-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515958410Subject:Public administration
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China’ s government is in the critical period of transition from control-oriented governmant to service-oriented government,how to change management concept,adjust government function,improve administrative efficiency,and construct a democratic,efficient and clean service-oriented government will be the key research topics of our government.Meanwhile,with the rapid development of information technology,the role of e-government in public managenment reform and government service innovation is becoming more and more important.At the present stage of e-government construction,the scholars’ research is mainly focused on central and provincial governmant,grass-roots government is less,national hi-tech zone is more less.Hi-tech zone is a new industrial area in our country’s modernization construction process,it is in the transition phase of industrial civilization to information civilization,how to make good use of the demonstration effect of e-government construction on transformation of government functions,creation of a service-oriented government,construction of effective government etc,and meet the requirements of its economic and social development for the management of the administrative committee has become the current urgent problem.This paper is on the basis of a large number of documents,analytic comparison and summary;through the combination of theoretical elaboration and empirical case;starting with the theory of e-government,service-oriented government and high-tech zone;according to the situation of e-government construction in Wuxi national hi-tech zone;combined with my experience of first line work,to analyse the problems existing in the construction of e-government and find out the reason.Moreover,this paper absorbs domestic and foreign advanced experience,from perspective of constructing a service-oriented government,summarise the experience of e-government construction in hi-tech zone and puts forward the development ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic government, High-tech Zone, Service-oriented Government
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