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Whether The Government Capacity Will Affect The Citizensí Trust In Government?

Posted on:2018-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515968633Subject:Public Management
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With the development of modernization,social economy and peopleís living standard has been greatly improved,the government also began to focus on capacity building,and established a system to improve the ability,but the citizenís trust in the government has shown a weakening trend.The "powerlessness" of government capacity in the face of reality and the disjunction with modern society have seriously affected the dependence and trust of citizens on the government.In the promotion of government capacity at the same time to avoid the decline of government trust has become an important issue to solve.Therefore,it is the goal of this paper to clarify the dimensions of government capacity and explain how the governmentís ability to influence the trust of citizens to the government.In this paper,we first review the relevant research on government capacity and government trust,on the basis of this,we divide the structure of government capacity and define the related concepts.Through the establishment of questionnaires,this article uses the statistical analysis method to understand the current citizenís assessment of the ability and trust of the district(county)government in the area where they live.And through the establishment of regression model,the paper studies how different dimensions of government capacity affect citizenís trust in government,at the same time sorting the importance of government capacity to government trust.Through the empirical study,it is found that the current citizensí evaluation of the governmentís capacity is at a high level,but the governmentís self-management ability is relatively low,the citizenís trust in the government is at a relatively moderate level,which has room for improvement.The analysis found that the government social governance capacity,self management capacity,public service capacity and policy implementation capacity has significant positive impact on citizenís trust in government,the resource acquisition capability failed to pass the tests of statistical significance,and its effect on government trust is negative.The importance from high to low of the governmentís capacity to government trust is self management capacity,policy implementation capacity,social governance capacity,public service capacity and resource acquisition capability.So to improve the citizensí trust in the government,the government must pay more attention to the construction of self management capacity,do the work of a conscientious and responsible,to crack down on all kinds of corruption phenomenon,and maintain the good image of government in the minds of citizens.At the same time,we can not ignore the construction of other aspects of capacity.In particular,we should not ignore the fair distribution of wealth to society while absorbing social resources,and should strive to improve peopleís livelihood and realize the good governance of the government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government trust, Resource acquisition capability, Social governance capacity, Self management capacity, Public service capacity, Policy implementation capacity
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