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Sino-american Cultural Exchange:Analysis Of Influential Factors And Function Limitation

Posted on:2018-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515985305Subject:International relations
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Sino-US relations are regarded as the most important bilateral relations in the twenty-first Century,which is not only importance for people of two sides,but also a cause of peace and development in East Asia,and even the world as a whole.In order to realize the great national rejuvenation in the twenty-first century of peace and development,China must focus on its economic construction.As it is necessary to maintain a peaceful external environment to continue concentrating on the economic construction,we need to deal with the relationship with the only global superpower and to promote the construction of the new mode of Sino-US great power relationship.However,Sino-US lacks of political mutual trust,and the frequent economic and trade friction and contradiction between China and the United States is hard to be solved in the short term.Comparing with the interaction in the economic and political field,the cultural cooperation between China and America is the agreeable.Upon these favorable conditions,the cultural exchange between the two countries is developing greatly with fruitful achievement.This is due to the fact that culture itself has a trait of "soft power",and on the other hand,due to the willingness of the two countries to use culture to advance the bilateral relations.Accordingly,Sino-US cultural exchange has formed three pillars of the Sino-US relations with the political mutual trust and economic and trade cooperation,which could guarantee the well development of the relations.Therefore,the role of Sino-American cultural exchange has become increasingly prominent.For study the cultural exchange,this dissertation attempts to analyze the influential factors and function limitation on the basis of tracing back the Sino-US cultural exchange history,with charts,data and empirical method,comparative analysis,case analysis,and literature and historical analysis method.Sino-US cultural exchange enjoys a long history,which can be traced back to 18th century with three periods.The establishment of Sino-US High-Level Consultation for People to People in 2010,signify the maturation and institutionalization of the Sino-US cultural exchange,which become a new path to promote the steady development of a new model of China-US relationship.Through the analysis of Sino-US cultural exchange process,I put forward some international political factors and Sino-US factors affecting the bilateral cultural exchange,for instance,the increasing importance of culture by the end of the cold war;factors of geopolitics and national cultural safety;cultural soft power;as well as the three pillars of Sino-US relation and the factors of different mutual understanding and mutual expectation.According to the influential factors and functions of Sino-US cultural exchanges,I propose that Sino-US cultural exchange plays an indispensable and limited role in taking effect relatively slow and in a long run due to the realistic national interest in the international politics led by realism logic,different understanding of soft power and the cultural function and the asymmetry and long-term traits of the Sino-US cultural exchange process.
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