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Study On Resilience And Its Influencing Factors Of Compulsory Isolation Addicts

Posted on:2018-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330515988369Subject:Applied Psychology
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ObjectiveThis study was to investigate the resilience and related influencing factors of the drug addicts under compulsory rehabilitation.To observe the survival status and psychological status of drug addicts from the perspective of resilience,make up for the lack of previous research on resilience in this group,and provides relevant basis and suggestion for the effective management,education and psychological intervention of the drug addicts under compulsory rehabilitation.MethodThis study revised the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale(CD-RISC)in drug addicts under compulsory rehabilitation first.To determine the initial Chinese version scale through the translation and back translation of the original English scale.In Anhui Nanhu compulsory isolation and rehabilitation center,a part of subjects were selected to carry out preliminary experimental measurements according to the principle of convenient sampling.Through item analysis,reliability test and exploratory factor analysis,the inappropriate items were deleted and the revised version of CD-RISC was determined.At the formal measurement stage,913 subjects in the compulsory isolation detoxification center were selected by the same sampling method.Questionnaires were given to these subjects,including General Survey Questionnaire,revised CD-RISC,Chinese Big Five Personality Inventory brief version,Adult Attachment Scale and the Social Support Rating Scale.Reliability analysis,confirmatory factor analysis and correlation analysis were used to test the reliability and validity of the CD-RISC in compulsory detoxification addicts.To discuss the factors affecting the resilience level of the compulsory isolation addicts through single factor analysis of variance,t test and correlation analysis.Results1?The revised Chinese version of the CD-RISC,the total score and the Cronbach alpha coefficient of each factor were range form 0.628 to 0.905.The test-retest reliability coefficient of the total score and each factor were from 0.633 to 0.853.Exploratory factor analysis was used to obtain the 5 factor model,and the five dimensions were subjectivity,problem processing,stability,tenacity and persistence,and cumulative variance was interpreted as 56.94%.Confirmatory factor analysis results:Chi square,GFI=0.90,AGFI=0.87,NFI=0.84,CFI=0.91,RMSEA=0.06,2/DF=1.98.The fitting results were good and superior to the application of the source scale in this population.The correlation between total score,subjective and hardiness factor and neuroticism factor in the simplified version of Chinese Big Five Personality Inventory brief version was statistically significant.2?The total score of the psychological toughness of the compulsory isolation addicts ranged from 14 to 87,and the average of the total score was 54.2414.12.Participate in the investigation of the average age was 32.287.84,age range from 16-54 years;the average age of the first drug was 23.876.78,ranging from 14 to 50 years;for the first time,the average age of the forced isolation treatment was 28.907.59,ranging from 16 to 52 years old.3?There were significant differences in psychological resilience between addicts with different marital status,parents' marital status,educational level,occupation and health.There was no significant difference in the total scores of resilience between male and female compulsory isolation addicts,but there were significant differences in three dimensions of problem processing,hardiness and persistence.4?The high resilience group and the low resilience group had different adult attachment and social support in the compulsory isolation detoxification group.The scores of close,close dependence,objective support,subjective support,support utilization and total social support scores of the high resilience group were significantly higher than those of the low resilience group.5?There was significant difference in total scores of resilience,problem processing,stability,hardiness and sustainability between the compulsory isolation addicts and the general population.ConclusionThe revised version of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale has good reliability and validity in the compulsory isolation addicts,and the scale structure model is superior to the original scale.The age of compulsory isolation addicts is younger.The level of resilience of this group is low.Compared with the general population,the resilience of the compulsory isolation addicts is lower.It may be influenced by many factors,such as individual difference,growth environment,family relationship,social support and so on.
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