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Development Of The Resilience Scale Of Chinese Police

Posted on:2014-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398982620Subject:Basic Psychology
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Resilience is a defined as individual psychological level had recovered from disaster or adversity, and don’t effectuated by it. Early researches focus on the children whom lived in the family environment of high stress but have same development result than the children in normal environment. More and more researchers addressed many resilience theory and concept model from the first wave in1970’s, and today, the fields of resilience have extended healthy psychology and positive psychology and other field. But, because of different view of resilience level and concept, there is not consistent view about it. Although, the core concept of resilience which help individual to get rid of the negative affection after disaster have been paying attention in the fields. Recently research pay attentions to either resilience evaluate or interrupt. On this basis, we focus on the resilience of Chinese police officer. They are the group of experienced lots of negative incident and more high risk events than normal people. This work wills trying to construct the resilience model of police by viewed theory, and interview with police officer. The instructive of police resilience model include of five factors:(1) career identity:police officer accept and approve their job and willing to try to do this work;(2) emotion regulation:the police officer could keep the emotion in normal level after practiced negative incident;(3) scene coping ability:the ability to cope with the critical incident;(4) optimism:a positive attitude toward the social environment or values;(5) self-efficacy: the confidence of connection of action and good result for police.The study designed a Chinese resilience scale for police through interview, preliminary survey and a second survey, on the basis of preliminary dimension concept of resilience. The preliminary survey had530police officers from Chongqing Public Security Bureau. The exploratory factor analysis get above five factors of police resilience structure, and develop a questionnaire include21items through exploratory factor analysis and item analysis. The secondary survey had523police officers data from Chongqing Public Security Bureau and another Public Security Bureau. The internal consistency Cronbach coefficiency was0.803, which indicated that the questionnaire was reliable, on the other hand, we testify the scale validity through correlation matrix and SEM, and get an acceptable result. The Resilience Scale for Chinese Police could be used to investigate and evaluate the police resilience.The following conclusion was drawn form this study:(1) The resilience model of Chinese police is multi-dimension psychological construction which was referred to five dimensions:career identity, emotion regulation, scene coping ability, optimism, and self-efficacy.(2) Resilience Scale of Chinese Police had acceptable reability and validity, which could be used as a good measure to assess policeman resilience.(3) The study finds that there is different resilience level in the variable of police position, and the group of cope with critical incident police officer is significantly different with the other group which copes with daily work in the dimension of scene coping ability, optimism and self-efficacy. The critical group had fewer score than daily work group in the emotion regulation, career identity and optimism dimension of the scale.On the other hand,46-55age group is different from18-25age group in the scene coping ability, what’s more,18-25age group is significantly higher than26-34age group. In the gender variable, male police officer get more score than female exclude emotion regulation, and significantly different with female in the scene coping ability, optimism and self-efficacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:police, resilience, questionnaire design, stress
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