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Research On Community Resilience Evaluation And Upgrading Strategies

Posted on:2021-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330647460445Subject:Emergency management
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Communities are the basic unit and key subject of disaster prevention and mitigation in our country.In recent years,the gradual deterioration of climatic conditions and the artificial damage to the natural environment have led to an increasing number of sudden disasters in communities.In order to respond to various emergencies,the community should continuously improve its resilience to enhance its ability to "disaster disaster" and "self-healing".Therefore,the level of community resilience is the main ability of the community to respond to various disasters.How to measure the resilience of different communities,and how to propose resilience improvement strategies and suggestions for each community,are an important part of community disaster research and an important means to improve community governance capacity.First of all,based on the combing of domestic and foreign research,through Meta analysis,the key indicators in the community resilience evaluation index framework are obtained: social capital,community capital,economic resilience,natural environment,infrastructure,organizational resilience,institutional resilience,emergency materials and space resilience.Covers 24 secondary indicators,and assigns weight to each indicator.Second,through the use of Nivoly software to summarize the interview records of community leaders from the bottom up,we also analyzed a set of practice-based community resilience evaluation index framework,including key facilities,key subjects,material foundations,service provision,environmental systems and The six first-level indicators and 16 second-level indicators of the policy plan have corresponding weights.In order to make the indicators more scientific and practical,the two indicator frameworks are compared and optimized to obtain the optimal community resilience evaluation indicator framework and build a community resilience evaluation system.Then,all the communities in the J district of Z city are used as the analysis targets of the community resilience index system,and a comprehensive data analysis and evaluationof the community resilience is made,and the content of the optimized community resilience index is further explained.Finally,this study proposed that community resilience should focus on improving opinions from two levels: building a stable community order that combines peace and war,and creating a "competent" community resource guarantee.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community resilience, Key influencing factors, Evaluation system, Promotion strategy
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