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Research On The Construction Of Service Oriented Government Based On Path Dependence Model

Posted on:2018-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330533960767Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of the times and society,Social contradictions are also increasing,the problems of the traditional management mode has become increasingly prominent.Since 1970 s,many countries in the world have carried out extensive reform of their administrative management modemany.combined with the characteristics of administrative reform in the world,We will find that "service administration" is the general trend.During this period,The Chinese government put forward the goal of building a service-oriented government and make a series of reforms,Although achieved many success,but there is still a gap between the real service government,How to build a service-oriented government better and how to play the role of the government in the economic construction is the key and difficult point of the administrative reform in our country,We need to find the root cause of the transformation of the government,find a breakthrough in the construction of service-oriented government,and put forward new countermeasures,Speeding up the realization of the transformation of the government to better play the role of the government in the economy and society.Based on the path dependence model,this paper makes an in-depth study on the problems of the construction of the service oriented government.First of all,this paper expounds the related theories,including the concept and characteristics of the service oriented government,the development of path dependence and the causes,the theoretical basis of the construction of service-oriented government,Focus on the relationship between service-oriented government construction and path dependence,serious path dependence exists in the process of building service government,the path dependence has hindered the further development of the construction of service-oriented government,because there are many factors,that the path dependence can not be completely eliminated,can only take measures to cut.Secondly,the path dependence model is constructed and analyzed,Path dependence is similar to the concept of "inertia" in physics.Therefore,from the view of "inertia" in physics,the path dependence model is constructed with physical variables,Then,combined with the study of the process of the construction of service oriented government in China,the author draws a similar variable to build the path dependence model of the service government construction process,Combined with the model,this paper makes a concrete analysis of the two factors which are the difficulty of reform and the "volume" of reform in the process of building a service-oriented government,found that the difficulty of reform,the reform of the "volume",aggravated the path dependence in service oriented government construction.The third part analyzes the reasons for the serious path dependence in the process of building a service-oriented government,Touch deep interest relations,the difficulty of re allocation of interests;Interests involved in a large range,difficult to solve;The main interests of poor coordination,lack of integration of reform.Finally,according to the analysis of the reasons,the paper puts forward the Countermeasures of reducing the path dependence of the service oriented government construction,To put pressure on government reform to reduce the difficulty of reform;Taking into account the interests of all stakeholders to develop strategic planning;To enhance the coordination of interest groups and to form a joint force of service-oriented government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service oriented government, reform, path dependence, interest, coordination
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