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A Case Study On Shared Government Information In Longquanyi District From Sichuan Province

Posted on:2018-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512484884Subject:Public Administration
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Our country has long attached great importance to the development and application of e-government affair and government service informatization.In view of the e-government construction process in the country,it can be divided into four major stages of development,namely “office automation(OA)”,“golden engineering”,“government online project”,and “three nets and one database”.Great achievements have been made in this field,and it gradually becomes integrated with the electronics technology and information-based society development.With the big-data application and smart city demonstrating construction,our e-government affair construction is slowly shifting its focus from informatization construction to the stage of e-government affair information resource sharing.To realize this shifting,the governments at different levels have conducted a series of practices concerning government affair information sharing and built such e-government affair information sharing platforms as public information network platform,government affairs WeChat platform,and public resources trading center.We have harvested relatively satisfactory achievements in the government affair processing informatization and sharing,whereas a lot of problems still remain urgent to be settled,such as “information isolated island”,incomplete information sharing system,unmatched information resources demand-supply,and low information coordination.Those problems restrain further development of government and corresponding affairs information sharing.How to utilize the latest information technology and information management ideas to break the constraints in government information resources sharing,improve the communication and interaction efficient between the government and private companies,public institutions and great public,and build a service-oriented government stays as a major issue to be studied in the paper.Therefore,on the basis of government process reengineering theory and new public service theory,the paper combines the concrete practice cases of government affair information sharing in Sichuan Chengdu Longquanyi District,and employs document analysis,case analysis,and field interviewing to study and analyze the government affair information sharing-related cases.An analysis of the development course,status-quo,implementation measures and accomplishments of the e-government affair information resource sharing in Longquanyi Government reveals that matching demand with target,definite driving force,and optimized management information sharing & management system are three key factors for success.With those three factors,it is possible to achieve reasonable,scientific and efficient communication and sharing of information resources among related parties in e-government affairs such as government,enterprise and public.Finally,the paper attempts to summarize the existing problems and improving measures and takes into consideration the trend,innovation and rules in government affair information sharing with the expectation of offering some inspiration for the government affair information sharing in other districts and cities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Longquanyi District, e-government affair, and information sharing
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