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Research On The Endownment Mode Of The Ankangnian Old-aged Service Center In Chengdu

Posted on:2018-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512989003Subject:Business Administration
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With the arrival of silver-haired era,the city caring issue of the aged is getting more and more popular around China.Among this kind of background,the aging problem in Chengdu,Sichuan Province is becoming especially serious and own high possibility getting worse.The situation on aging problem brings the high-speed development of pension industry in Chengdu,which is both opportunity and challenge.The pension industry is ready to start.What's worse,due to the differences in basic national conditions,cultural background,economic basis between China and abroad,the foreign mature pension mode cannot be applied directly into China.So,this issue need the join of the government,society,enterprise,personal power all together to find an acceptable endowment mode in China to solve the problem of aging problem.How to solve the aging problem is an important social issue that everyone need to care about,and which the key is to find an economic,applicable and effective pension mode.These years,there comes different kinds of city pension modes,such as family endowment,community endowment,institutional endowment,insurance endowment and different area endowment.Also,our country has carried on the reform and innovation on city pension mode,but still facing the problem that how to evaluate the existing city pension mode,how to get a healthy living and a long-term development.Is there a pension mode that economical as well as effective,which can benefit all associated parties? The choice of the pension mode also has great impacts on city development.So,the study on such mode is a meaningful topic for the city,which is worth exploring.This article focuses on the AnKangNian old-aged service center in Chengdu,the endowment mode of which is one combination between Day-Care and Tiny-institution Care.While deeply analyzing its endowment mode,this article comes to the theoretical formulation and interpretation of the endowment mode on AnKangNian old-aged service center,namely,which is an endowment mode consist by public-private partnership,public-business welfare and profit,“Three-in-one”(one innovative model that merges family care,community care and institutional care).After discussing about the actual operation condition of AnKangNian old-aged service center as well as needs of the elderly in Chengdu,this article tells about the advantage and disadvantage of AnKangNian Mode,and tries to figure out the ways and suggestions on perfecting the mode.Above all,giving an acceptable development direction of AnKangNian endowment mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:old-age caring mode, public-private partnership, public welfare and business, three-in-one
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