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On Risks Of Local Government Purchase Of Public Service And The Preventive Measures

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512989129Subject:Public Management
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Since the reform and opening up,with the increasing and rapid development of China’s economy have increasingly and rapidly developed,and the demand of people’s public service have gradually increased,so as to that the local government purchase of public services,with great potential and advantages,has become a new concept and a new ways that play an important role to meet the public diversified and personalized needs.In recent years,local governments at several levels have not only introduced a series of important guidance documents,but also have carried out some practical activities of purchasing public services,so the financial capital investment has been increased and the purchasing content and range have also expanded.While everything has both sides,local government purchase of public service also has its advantages and disadvantages.The disadvantages have gradually emerged from the practice of public service at home and abroad,which indicates that local government purchasing public service is not a panacea.Those exposed the system deficiency and the management loopholes so as to running risks.Therefore,the local government should establish the consciousness of risk,accurately identify the risk source in the process of purchasing,analyze the types and forms of risks,build the risk prevention system of local government purchase of public services,and eliminate the negative effect in the process of purchasing at the maximum,which is also an important part of the purchasing process.At present,some scholars have realized the importance of risk research on the government purchasing public service,but it still need to be further improved.This dissertation has further discussed the research on the risk of local government purchasing public service.Firstly,based on the policy of local government purchasing public service and its implementation,the author understood that the expected effect of policy implementation has not yet achieved the policy objectives,and the existing deviation of policy implementation easily generates purchasing risk and result in some losses.Thus,the purchasing risk source should be further identified,such as,inadequate policies,imperfect purchasing market,improper information and the weak contract management ability of local government.Those increase the risk occurring probability of government purchasing public service,which is the risk source and the preconditionand foundation for analyzing risks.Then,the formation of risk is not overnight result but the coupled one by various risks.Hence,the formation,forms and features of risks can be clarified by analyzing different risks resulted from different sources.Finally,it put forward governance from the source,strengthening the discernment and prevention of risks,changing the environment occurring risks by combining the macroscopic institutional environment with the microscopic operating mechanism.Meanwhile,local government should promote their ability to prevent risks,based on it,the resultant preventing risks of local government purchasing public service will be formed in order to decrease the possibility of risk occurrence to minimize.
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