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Study On The Administrative Examination And Approval Of Hohhot Construction Project

Posted on:2018-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512999806Subject:Public Administration
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Administrative approval is an important administrative action and means of nation to intervene economy and society control.Traditional administrative approval system of construction projects has constantly exposed the shortcomings,such as involving many department,long cycle,complex program.So that it has been a key influence factor of local economic development.Under the background of national reform of administrative approval,from 2014,the city of Hohhot chooses the parallel connection of approval process as a breakthrough of promoting and developing streamline administration and delegate power to solve problems,such as superposition of examination and approval,complex management,uncontrolled approval cycle,high cost,low efficiency and being prone to corruption.The joint approval service has been actively carried out and a series of measures like listing mode of approval conditions,use preposition,informing and pledging of lack capacity acceptance,and classified simplification of approval services had been put into practice.Besides,compressing time to finish in limited-time,establishing the sharing platform system,and offering joint consulting service also had been layout to raise the administration efficiency and promote transformation of government functions.After two year’s efforts,Hohhot construction project achieved a certain success.However,traditional administrative approval system of construction projects has constantly exposed the shortcomings in the process of implementation operation,hardware and software supporting construction,and supervision management.These drawbacks include long approval time,fragmented approval department,low degree of data sharing and non-standardized intermediary management,etc.In this thesis,we first introduced the status of administrative approval in Hohhot construction project from the point of problem finding,analysis and solving.The problem in current approval work was summarized and the reason for this problem was also analyzed objectively based on the administrative fragmentation.Further,under the guidance of new public service theory and holistic governance theory,drawing lessons from advanced experience at home and abroad,several policies including reduce approve process,promote the inter-departmental coordination,build information sharing platform,strengthen the balanced construction of government affairs center and specify intermediary services were proposed,to pay adequate attention to afterwards supervision of approval work.And then to promote and decentralization,combined the pipes,optimization services to further advance reform work.
Keywords/Search Tags:construction project, administrative approval, current situation, current problem, countermeasure
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