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The Research Of Legal Issues In International Aviation Emission

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515488042Subject:International Law
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“Global Warming” has attracted more and more attention of the international community recently.Climate change affects human's life and the development of economy directly.Along with the rapidly development of aviation industry,aviation emission has gradually been taken seriously.The regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry does not has an integrated regulation system.This dissertation introduces the current system of international aviation emissions regulation and management.Based on the analysis of the necessity of the international law on the emission control of greenhouse gases in the international industry,this paper aimed to analyzes the influence of the international conventions and treaties on international aviation governance.As well as the Paris Agreement come into force,China's response to the current international aviation emission problem is important.This dissertation is divided into five parts,the specific contents include:The first chapter introduces the meaning of aviation emissions and the impact of international aviation emissions on global climate change.And then put the problem into the whole global environment is a way to control the aviation emission problem.This chapter also displays some treaties focus on global greenhouse gas emissions.The second chapter begins with the Chicago Convention,and introduces the existing international aviation emission control rules and development process under Annex 16 as the core issue of aviation emissions.This chapter also describes the important role of ICAO in the governance of international aviation emissions,as well as the introduction and analysis of ICAO's new measures for aviation emissions control.The third chapter focuses on the EU aviation emission trading directive.The content of the directive is introduced in this chapter.The EU ETS may illegal because that it is conflict with WTO rules and other treaties.Besides,the future of EU ETS was introduced in the end of this chapter,especially after the assignment of the Paris Agreement.The forth chapter describes the impact of the Paris Agreement on aviation emission regulation and analyzes the contents of the Paris Agreement.This chapter also analyzes the impact of the new measures of the Paris Agreement on the aviation industry and the new directions of the existing international aviation emission control.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Aviation Emissions, ICAO, EU ETS, the Paris Agreement
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