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Study On The Governmental Responsibility In Housing Rental Market

Posted on:2018-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The real estate industry and the real estate market play an important role in promoting the social and economic development and improving people’s living environment and people’s quality of life. Of course, there are also many problems, for example, housing price is rising, people take trading seriously but look down leasing and so on. Our country residents housing ratio was nearly ninety-five percent (According to 2015 Statistics), but the development of the housing rental market is "malnourished",seriously unbalanced development of sales and rental market lead to the lack of stability and order of China’s real estate market. From the interpretation of China’s relevant policies and regulations, we can see, faced to the sale and rental market, the government"favour one more than another", mostly concentrated on the sale market. However,according to the status of China’s current economic development and the basic contradiction of people and land, relying solely on the sale market cannot fully protect many poor people’s housing rights, they need contribution from the rental market, so the government needs to clear their responsibilities, establish and improve the housing rental market system, "amass resources to support and increase the intensity of development".This article will explain the government’s responsibility in the rental market by four aspects.The first part analyzes the government responsibility connotation and theoretical basis to clarify the government’s responsibility in the rental market by the relevant theory,making it clear that the development of China’s housing rental market needs the responsibility of the government from two aspects of the theory of human rights and market failure theory. In addition, the paper defines the content of government responsibility in the housing rental market, that is, regulatory responsibility, security responsibility, control responsibility and implementation responsibility.The second part focuses on the experience of foreign countries in regulating the housing rental market. The govermment of US encourages private to rent vacancy houses and investors to develop qualified rental houses so as to increase the supply of housing by the lessor tax concessions, real estate tax system and government subsidy system, and the government of US regulate the lessor’s obligation by rent control system and guarantee obligation of comfortable living, and safeguard the stability of the contract relationship by the limitation on the termination of lease contract. The German’s government ensures that the rental market is well-organized and dynamic by legal and tax policy support, and ensure the source of rental houses by mandatory means, and properly regulate the rent by the rent control and rental guidance system.The third part analyses the current situations and the main problems in the housing rental market, including: the government has not recognized the status of the housing rental market, the lack of specific laws and regulations, the overweight of tax burden in the housing rental industry, the lack of effective regulation of housing rent, the registration system of housing rental contract has not been implemented and other issues.The fourth part puts forward countermeasures to strengthen the government’s responsibility by summarizing previous. Faced to the sale and rental market, the government "make a fish of one and flesh of another", mostly concentrate on the sale market, leading to a serious imbalance of development of the sale market and the rental market. To promote the development of China’s housing rental market, the government should change the "light rent" concept, make specific laws and regulations for the development of housing rental market, establish and improve housing rental tax system and ensure sources of rental housing and establish a guidance system for rent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Housing rental market, Governmental responsibility, Registration system, Rent control, Housing security
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