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Research On Dynamic Path Of Intelligent Government From The Lens Of Joined-up Government Model

Posted on:2018-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the cloud computing, mobile Internet, large data, Internet of Things and other emerging IT technology development, the Internet is leading the economic and social development into a new era of "intelligence". In September 2016,the State Council issued guidance to speed up the promotion of "Internet + government services". It aims to speed up the transformation of government functions, improve the efficiency and transparency of government services, realize the sharing of data between departments and increase the construction of intelligent government. However, the construction of intelligent government is still in the beginning stage, how to effectively promote the construction of intelligence government to has become an urgent problem to be solved.Relying on the Wuhan peopleís home online business hall,Wuhan created a unified city government data center by taking "virtual, distributed, software definition" of the government cloud architecture and construction model advanced in the country. This helps Wuhan government break the information sharing bottlenecks of current government departments in Wuhan City and achieve data interoperability. And based on those, Wuhan has built "cloud Wuhan government". Besides,national "Internet+" index ranking report shows that Wuhan City, "Internet +, government ranked first in the country. Therefore, the construction of intelligent government of Wuhan is in the forefront of the country. Through analyzing the construction path of "cloud of Wuhan government" will help other provinces and cities in China in the construction of intelligent government.The research of intelligent government belongs to the research category of e -government. On the one hand, the existing research on e-government mainly focuses on the construction of e-government, the sharing of government information resources, the factors of e-government adoption and the performance evaluation of e-government.There is scant research in intelligent government. On the other hand,the existing research on the intelligent government focuses on design of intelligent government from the macro level, construction model and technology application from the micro level. Prior researches didnít provide a holistic perspective of intelligent government. Although there are a few literatures on the intelligent government construction issue, they limited to simple description and summary of local intelligent government issue. Moreover, most of the research focus on static analysis and lack of dynamic investigation. The ignorance of development of intelligent government has masked the dynamic path of intelligent government construction.Therefore, this paper will take the "cloud of Wuhan" as the research object, the joined-up government model as the theoretical perspective, through the collection of relevant news reports, website history screenshots, government documents and other second-hand information, and use content analysis to map four elements of the joined-up government to the intelligent government practice. We further analyzed the interaction between elements and put forward the dynamic construction path of intelligent government.The research found that: (1) technology and policy to promote the construction of the intelligent government; (2) the core of the intelligent government building is within the organization and inter-organizational cooperation; (3) intelligent government provides a new way of service supply, (4) the new service supply way through positive feedback, negative feedback way to promote the dynamic development of intelligent government; (5) intelligent government construction need to support the target incentive and accountability system.The theoretical implication of this research is as follows: (1) The existing research on intelligent government mainly from the micro-level technical application, the meso level with the local government construction status quo, the problem to explore the wisdom of the government system construction, and the macro level of theoretical analysis. Based on the best overall government organization model theory, this article crossed the micro, meso and macro level,and provide researchers to a holistic view of the construction of intelligent government. Besides, by mapping intelligent government practice to definitions of four elements of joined-up government model, this study enriches original meaning of joined-up government model; (2) the existing research on intelligent government is confined to the static analysis, and lack dynamic investigation.This paper puts forward the dynamic path of the construction of intelligent government,which reflects the reality of the continuous evolution of wisdom government, thus provides a new research thought for the study of intelligent government, and has high theoretical implications.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intelligent government, dynamic path, joined-up government model, content analysis
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