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The Current Urban Street Governance In China: Internal Logic And Practical Exploration

Posted on:2018-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518982491Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the grassroots social governance has been pointed out by the new strategy and concept of governing the country which led by president Xi jinping.As a government agency at the grassroots level,not only is the street a part of the government administrative power system, but also an important part of the social governance system. Street governance is the core of social governance, street system innovation is the fundamental problem of social structure modern transformation.At present, during the transformation of the social structure to modernization in China, the transfer of government functions institutionalize gradually, and the social organizations of urban and rural develop continually; the revolution of street are gradually multiple, and the governance of community innovates consistently; the public service equalizes, and the revolution of supply structure are consistently deepening; the methods of governance are consistently technological, and the theory of modem society governance develops consistently and deepen.Therefore, in the context of society governance innovation, different from the goal "maintaining steady" of traditional society management, the final goal of street governance is co-construction and sharing of public service in community and the return of the street function and its reposition have its real needs.In the process of the development from"management" to "governance",the transfer of street functions and the innovation of service management methods are gradually developing from single management to multiple service, from government and society incorporation to separation, from complete coverage to highlighting priorities and from over-staffing in organizations to efficient and simple.Meanwhile, under the drive of dual attributes that street is administrative and social, plentiful practices have been carried out around the innovation of street governance throughout the country,which forms four typical models,"governmental street","withdrawing sub-district office" "virtual area actual street",and"intensifying street functions".As for the specific practices carried out throughout the country, the exploration of them were mainly around the governance of multi-center network, the establishment of hub type informatization, the revolution of integrality flattening, the service of omnibearing precision, the synergy of entitling organization and other methods to carry out, and it gained significant effects in promoting pluralist democracy consultation, driving the rebuilding of service flow, intensifying the functions of community autonomy, improving the capacity of service management, widening the zone of state and community interaction and other aspects.However, in the view of the basis of legitimacy of street functions transfer, the social expect of street governance innovation and community diversion and other structural conditions of street governance transition,there are still defects of street functions transfer and service management innovation in construction of legalization, institutionalization and informatization. While the problems exist in street governance will be the strong driving force to impel the innovation of governance system consistently, teasing reform of the change history of street service management system, exploring the internal logic of street governance,summarizing the reform and innovation model of street governance, that has important implications for promoting the innovation of street governance, responding to the development demand of society governance innovation, answering the call that the party central committee and the local carry out society governance innovation, exploring the realistic path of national governance system and capacity modernization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Society Governance, Street Governance, Community Governance, Government-society Interaction, Deliberative democracy
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