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Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Construction Of Intelligent Government In Huizhou

Posted on:2018-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J P XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518982718Subject:Public administration
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The intelligent government relying on information communication, big data, cloud computing, networking and other advanced technology, the construction of administrative network government form, improve administrative efficiency, improve the supervision ability, improve the level of scientific decision-making, improve the level of public service, to promote the government to realize the modernization of governance systems and governance capacity.This paper uses the modern government related principle and method of literature research, case study and interdisciplinary research methods, mainly from the perspective of public management, the construction of the wisdom of the government of Huizhou City comprehensively and deeply studied.The framework of this thesis consists of six parts:The first part, describes the origin of the topic, the research status at home and abroad, the definition and interpretation of the relevant concepts, ideas, methods and innovations of the study.The second part,mainly expounds the objective demand and realistic basis of the construction of the intelligent government in Huizhou.The third part, mainly analyzes the outstanding problems and challenges of the construction of the intelligent government in HuizhouThe fourth part, mainly introduces the experience of the construction of the intelligent government or the electronic government in Korea, Japan and singapore.The fifth part, mainly discusses the strategies and suggestions to promote the wisdom of the government building in Huizhou city from six aspects: (1) establish a large data thinking, overall framework and standard system to optimize the construction of the wisdom of the government; (2) promote the wisdom of the government in key areas of construction, to achieve development; (3) deepening the reform of the administrative system, to adapt to the wisdom of the operation of the government requirements; (4) the development of intelligent information technology industry, to provide technical support for the wisdom of governance; (5) strengthen the jianzhanglizhi,providing a powerful guarantee for the construction of the wisdom of the government; (6) adhere to demand-oriented, improve the enthusiasm of public participation in the governance of wisdom.The sixth part, mainly summarizes the achievements, shortcomings and future prospects of this study.The innovation of this paper mainly study the intention and value of: the use of a large number of first-hand information,combined with their own insights and theoretical thinking, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the construction of Huizhou city governmentís wisdom facing problems and challenges; six suggestions are proposed in the paper, with strong novelty, pertinence and practicability.
Keywords/Search Tags:intelligent government, big data, government, modernization, Huizhou
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