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Research On Governmental Contingencymanagement Of Public Emergency In Heyuan City

Posted on:2018-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982841Subject:Public administration
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Our country is in a critical period of economic transition and social transformation.Various social contradictions, the prominent contradictions between man and nature,public emergencies occur frequently. The common effect of multiple discordant social factors is the deep cause of the public emergencies. Public emergencies occurring on a large scale is the characterization of the social discord in all the fields. The city as a concentration of modern civilization, brought together a large number of demographic,economic and cultural resources. Urban functions can be smoothly functioning is directly related to the stability and security of society. With the continuous development of the city, located in the Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong, Heyuan City, which material wealth is increasing and urban population density is getting higher and higher, makes the sudden public events more complicated. Strengthen the city’s emergency management,raising the city’s emergency response capabilities, and minimize the negative impact of unexpected events, and create a sustainable and stable development of the urban environment is an important task to be done urgently in the strategic management of Heyuan City.This article is based on public safety issues in Heyuan City. On the basis of systematic analysis of a variety of public safety events and trends of Heyuan City, to explore the current situation and existing problems of Heyuan City from the four life-cycle: prevention stage, preparation phase, reaction stage and recovery phase. Learn from the experience in the relevant aspects on the basis of Heyuan City, public safety emergencies emergency management policy recommendations put forward a sound.Learning from the experience in the relevant aspects at home and abroad, and promote policy recommendations of emergency management of public emergencies for Heyuan.Studies have found that, Heyuan City has been initially formed unified leadership,comprehensive coordination, graded responsibility, apanage management, emergency management system, emergency management has made some achievements, but there are still some deficiencies. Phase of prevention, Weak social power emergency management and emergency resources deficiencies and do not have a high level of integration problems; Phase of Preparation, there is a lack of integration and coordination mechanism, the emergency plan system incomplete; Phase of reaction, there is a lack of independent permanent public emergency handling mechanism, lack of information disclosure mechanism and processing mechanism; Phase of recovery, there is lack of social participation mechanism, restoration and reconstruction, the lack of overall planning problem.To solve these problems, this paper argues that can from the following several aspects to improve emergency management of the Heyuan City. In prevention stage,must strengthen the construction of the professional rescue teams, in-depth to carry out emergency popular science propaganda education work and to strengthen the management of emergency resources; In preparation stage, we should establish effective emergency early warning mechanism, improve the emergency plan system and the building of emergency management coordination mechanisms; In response stage, to improve the city emergency linkage mechanism, good government image is created at the same time is also very important; In recovery stage, will launch the participation of non-governmental organizations, relevant government departments should rebuild plan comprehensively and systematically.
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