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The Research Of The Construction Of Yinzhou District Government Affairs Multiple-service Platform By Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2018-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N S L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536985372Subject:Public administration
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This service platform is a innovation concept.It mainly relates to the use of information technology,public services and public management.The public information service platform comes true the transformation of government functions in order to build public service-oriented government by improving the Government’s response to power,government decision-making capacity,and government administration.On the basis of the previous researches,we studied the role of service-type government by using Yinzhou District government affairs multiple-service platform as research object,analyzed the issues when in the process of development,and tried to provide the support for service-type government in terms of theory.Scholars at home and abroad for the government e-government construction and government affairs hotline outsourcing more,throughout the research results,for lack of special public information service platform in the design,the system analysis to explore.Yinzhou district government affairs multiple-service platform is the first in Zhejiang province took the lead,and the reality of literature for reference extremely limited also brings certain difficulty for this study.In our opinion,Yinzhou District government affairs multiple-service platform corresponds to the value of service-type government.It belongs to one of Public information service platform,but it impresses its distinctive characteristics.This thesis comprises six chapters.The first chapter expounds the background,significance,current situation in domestic and abroad,the content of the frame work and research methods;In chapter 2,we analyzed several interrelated concepts with Yinzhou District government affairs multiple-service platform,and point out its correspondence to the value of service-type government.In the third part,we mainly revealed the general survey of Yinzhou District government affairs multiple-service platform and its issues when in the process of development.Yinzhou District government affairs multiple-service platform is existing problems such as business quality is not high,staff resign is frequent,department cooperation is not good etc.As to the fourth part,we described several examples of public information service platforms at home and abroad,from which we get some inspiration.The last,we puts forward relevant suggestions from three aspects,such as the thoughts of public service,position of its functional and the construction of relative systems.In the construction of platform service platform,we put forward perfect rules and regulations to make up for shortcomings by their own,to set up the joint conference system,supervision and assessment standard system,public participation feedback mechanism,and to improve internal management system.As the government service concept into people’s livelihood deeply,we hope that the relevant research results of this paper can provide other areas to explore the e-government platform play a reference role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-type government, Government affairs, Multiple-service platform
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