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Network Group Events:The Process Of Reach Consensus And Social Function

Posted on:2018-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of the Internet,China has rapidly entered the era of network society.And the popularity and application of network technology make the virtual society built by the network become more and more indispensable in people's life.In recent years,the Internet as the main medium of the network group event was the outbreak of the trend.Events in any corner of social life or any time are likely to turn into a huge impact on the network group events through the information transmission of the network.Therefore,to grasp the nature of the network mass incidents,to understand its occurrence and development law,not only provide more theoretical basis for the study of the network group events,but also help to enhance social response and network order maintenance.In this paper,the network group events as the object of study,select the time closer and the influence of the larger "the case of Luoer's collection" as a case study.In a brief review of the "the case of Luoer's collection",the article expounded the Internet users And the public's attitude and perspective on related events.The article mainly uses the case analysis and the process-event analysis to analyze the "the case of Luoer's collection",and gradually explores the meaning construction of the netizen in the network group event with the support of the theory of meaning construction and the network social identity theory process and eventually forms the process of network consensus.The theory of meaning construction holds that the search and use of information is a kind of construction relationship.The process of information dissemination is the process of the user to construct the information meaning and judge the value of information.In the network society,there is the absolute relationship between the occurrence of network group events and Internet user's cognition and understanding of the events.In other words,the network group events will occur when Internet users give the meaning of the events.The following are the main conclusions of this article.The network group event is a group of media around the specific theme in the network of public opinion and opinion expression,it is a neutral concept with the characteristics of mass incidents.The network group event doesn't have to be necessarily a crisis which need necessarily the intervention and management of the government and society,but it has a certain positive influence because it can reflect the current social contradictions and public opinion in my country.The reasons of the network group events are complex.There are both structural contradictions in the social transitional stage and the unique nature of the network environment.Internet users to the understanding of group events is a meaning of the construction process,including the information publisher's code,Internet users decoding and re-encoding dynamic process.The occurrence of the network group event must be related to the construction and conferment of the event itself.And the influence of the Internet users in the process of constructing the meaning of the event is influenced by the incitement of the network discourse and the resistance of the network social identity.We will make a relatively consistent judgment on the incident and can form a consistent knowledge,beliefs and beliefs on the agreement and the network consensus is also reached.But it is worth noting that the conclusion of the consensus is based on the construction of the meaning of the Internet users and the result of the assimilation and mutual trust of the netizen.Finally,in the view of the social equilibrium function,the network group events are in the positive sense to promote the network supervision,social response the improvement of the mechanism,to clear the Internet users who have hostility.But in the negative sense,it prone to similar incidents of bad guide,the breeding of sub-network and digestion of social cohesion.At the end of the article,the author has extended the rise of the network society,that is,the information technology revolution has induced a new social form-the rise of the network society and the network public domain and the civic consciousness let the network become the stage where Internet users can participate in social public affairs and come up with their rights.And the social age of social identity is making the traditional social power structure suffered a new crisis.
Keywords/Search Tags:network group events, meaning construction, consensus, social function, the case of Luoer's collection
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