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A Sduty On The Career Identity Of Paid Staff In Non-government Organization

Posted on:2016-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The paper mainly probes into the career identity of paid stuff in non-government oranization.It analysis the factors affecting their career identity,and attempts to feature the curves of their career identity development as well.The development of non-government organization needs the support of its paid stuff working.Only when the paid stuff have a higher level of career identity,will they be plunged into their work,providing a boost of whole nongovernment enterprises.Through questionnaires,interviews and participant observation,the study finds that most paid stuff have a relatively high career identity.However,their career identity is not static.It changes along with their career development,going through the phases of formation,rise and fall.Every phase is influenced by various factors,which are attributed to three categories:(1)Personal factors involve the pro-social orientation,self identity,identity to non-government organizations,professionalization and private career development.(2)Social factors include the social identity,family recognition,treatment and environmental dimensions.(3)Other factors are mainly clients and work content.The study finds that in the forming period of the career development,the pro-social orientation,identity to non-government organization and clients have most significant effect.During the development period,identity,professionalization,social identity,treatment,environmental dimensions and clients show most significant effect.At the period of descend,personal career development,treatment and environment play leading roles.Finally,the thesis come up with some suggestions aiming to help the the paid staff better involved in the work practices.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-government organization, Paid staff, Career identity, Pro-social tendency, self identity
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