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Research On Governance Dilemma And Reform Path Of Township Government In Y City Of F Province From The Perspective Of Holistic Governance

Posted on:2018-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542493380Subject:Public Administration
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The township regime is the lowest one of our country national regime system.It links the nation with the farmer,and represents the "country" to directly dispose the rural affairs.It is of great important position and role,which can not be replaced.With the deepening of the reform of China’s Rural Township,some problems have become increasingly prominent,such as the not smooth township system,the weakening functions,the lack of motivation of the personnel work,inadequate supply of public goods,etc.The deep contradictions in the township system operation have not been fundamentally solved,which has become a huge obstacle to promote national governance systems and governance capacity modernization.As an important part of western governance theory,the holistic governance theory is an important theoretical method in the field of public management.Its innovation lies in the emphasis on coordination,cooperation and integration oriented governance concepts and methods.And this is of great practical significance for the governance reform of the township regime which aims to establish the the government to satisfy the people and to provide seamless service for citizens.This paper made comprehensive use of the literature analysis,system analysis,comparative analysis,interview and questionnaire survey methods.It stated the holistic governance theory,and analyzed its compatibility with the governance reform of the township regime in Y city.And it tried to solve the fragmentation dilemma of the governance reform of the township regime in Y city,and put forward the innovation path fit for the governance reform of the township regime in Y city in order to provide reference for the development of rural economy and society in Y city.
Keywords/Search Tags:Holistic governance, The township regime, Reform path
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