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The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Implementation Of The People’s Livelihood Policy In Zhuzhou City

Posted on:2019-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542983994Subject:Public Administration
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People’s livelihood issues are closely related to the lives of the people,and are mainly manifested in the necessities of life,such as food and clothing,medical care and children’s education.The issue of people’s livelihood is the most direct and practical fundamental interest issue of the people.We should pay attention to the people’s wellbeing,ensure people’s livelihood,improve people’s livelihood,and attach importance to the people’s livelihood and the purpose,nature and objectives of the CPC.Therefore,the issue of people’s livelihood is related to social disorder and the rise and fall of the regime."The nation is based on the people,the people eat for the day",this is our country’s ancient simple people-oriented thought,also is the importance of the people’s livelihood of the initial understanding.The settlement of people’s livelihood depends on the effective implementation of local government’s livelihood policy.At present,our country has entered the new era and new stage of development,reform entering Gong Jian Qi and deep water area,the local government is the foundation of the national administrative system operation,directly in the face of the general public,the policies of the country,must through the local government to implement the work task.In recent years,the Chinese government promote the building of policy execution and the system mechanism reform,the local government significantly improved its policy executive power of the people’s livelihood,but from the overall,local governments still exists different degree of execution weak problem.The author is devoted to studying the current situation,problems and causes of the implementation of the livelihood policies of zhuzhou municipal government,and puts forward Suggestions for the construction of the implementation of the livelihood policies of zhuzhou municipal government.This article first research on the current people’s livelihood of local government policy implementation,expatiates on the background and significance of combed and summarized the related theory research status at home and abroad,the integrated application of new public management theory,public choice theory,service-oriented government theory,game theory,theory of public policy implementation,adopt literature analysis,social investigation,case analysis research methods,such as to be studied.The author affirms the zhuzhou city government in recent years has made some achievements in the people’s livelihood policy implementation,such as povertycompleted preliminary achievements,the people’s livelihood security net just visible,public services gradually expanding,but at the same time the government of zhuzhou city still exists in the people’s livelihood policy execution replacement execution,selective execution,symbolic execution,additional execution execution problems and so on.To this end,the author analyses the reasons of the government of the people’s livelihood policy enforcement of zhuzhou city,mainly displays in the enforcer’s quality is not high,some unreasonable policy making,policy implementation of the people’s livelihood resources inadequate,imperfect policy enforcement mechanism,policy execution system defects.Finally,suit the remedy to the case,in order to guarantee the effective implementation of the major policies of the people’s livelihood,and puts forward the Suggestions on five aspects: promoting the comprehensive qualities of policy executors of the people’s livelihood,improve reasonable and scientific policy,strengthening the policy execution resources construction,improve the people’s livelihood policy enforcement mechanism,deepening the reform of administrative system,etc.Hope this article to zhuzhou in improving people’s livelihood policy implementation work has practical guiding significance,in the zhuzhou cities like reveals the significance of reference to the city government carry out the policies of the people’s livelihood.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots government, The people’s livelihood policy, Executive Force, the city of zhuzhou
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