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Research On Government Performance Management Based On Public Satisfaction Evaluation

Posted on:2019-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330545975791Subject:Public Administration
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In the context of the deepening reform of the construction of service-oriented government in China,the central government has maintained a deep concern and continuous investment in the promotion of government performance management.The central government keeps emphasizing that the performance evaluation system should be carried out by the principle of "public participation" and the standard of"people's satisfaction".To turn the original regulatory government into a service type government,it requires not only the good implementation of the reform decision,but also the effective monitoring and feedback of the actual situation of the government's construction and operation in the long-term reform practice,which will help to discover and solve problems in time,and then repair and improve the performance level.Therefore,the top-level design and implementation of the reform policy should cover the construction of the government performance management system.Evaluating the performance of government public management by the way of public satisfaction evaluation is a typical result oriented external evaluation,which can make up the limitation of the internal performance evaluation of the government and is a feasible and necessary effective means to carry out the "public participation".At the same time,compared with the revision of the law and the reform of government institutions,the way to promote the construction of service-oriented government,the government performance management based on the public satisfaction evaluation is obviously lower cost and easier to realize.It can also provide auxiliary decision-making function for the decision-making arrangement of the system level,such as the revision of the law,the reform of government institutions and so on.To a certain extent,the continuing development of the tourist satisfaction survey project in Jiangsu has strengthened the influence of local provincial and municipal tourism authorities on the decision making of the first level government of the district and city,and greatly improved the discourse power and auxiliary decision-making status of the tourism authorities.To a certain extent,it defuses the embarrassment of the mismatching about the long existing "small Mara big car".The public management of the tourism relevant things in the region can be systematically upgraded.The empirical study on the case of tourist satisfaction survey in Jiangsu helps to understand the value of public satisfaction evaluation to government performance management more clearly.We can get inspiration from how to use the performance evaluation tool of public satisfaction evaluation to guide,motivate and force the government and related departments to improve their public management activities.Some revelations are given to enable the government performance management based on public satisfaction evaluation to receive more attention and practical application.The author adopts literature research and case study methods to carry out the research on the tourist satisfaction survey in Jiangsu Province on the two hierarchies of theory and practice.Firstly,from the basis of combing the theoretical basis of government performance management,this paper expounds the background and significance of this study,the status of the researches at home and abroad,and explains the research ideas,main contents and basic methods of this topic.Secondly,the concepts and phases of public management,government performance management and public satisfaction evaluation are involved in this study.In this process,the concept of tourism related public management is defined,and the government performance management and government performance evaluation,public satisfaction evaluation and government performance evaluation are defined and distinguished separately in this chapter.Thirdly,the case study of tourist satisfaction evaluation survey in Jiangsu Province,including its background,work goal,technical scheme,organization and the application of results,is introduced.And then,the impact and limitations of the project on promoting tourism related public management are analyzed,including the positive influence on tourism related public management,the path of promoting tourism related public management and the existing limitations and worries.In the end,we put forward three countermeasures and suggestions on the improvement of performance management based on Tourist Satisfaction Evaluation:one is to improve the technical path of tourist satisfaction evaluation,including optimizing the sampling channels of tourist satisfaction survey samples,strengthening network public opinion monitoring and feedback,and building tourism information data platform and so on.We should establish the system to guarantee the continuity and perfection of the tourist satisfaction evaluation,including the change "optional action" into "the prescribed action",the "tactical consideration" into "strategic plan".We also should strength the construction of normalization mechanism of the tourist satisfaction,including the establishment of the government performance appraisal system based on the tourist satisfaction evaluation and set up platforms for multidisciplinary cooperation,etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:public satisfaction, government, performance management, public administration, tourist satisfaction
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