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Research On Public Satisfaction Evaluation Mechanism Of City Administration And Law Enforcement Of Public Services

Posted on:2015-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330452951407Subject:Public management administration
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With the rapid development of our economy, city level unceasing enhancement, in order torealize the modernization of the city really, we must strive to improve the management level ofcity. For the construction and management of a city, the public is the most direct, most of theparticipants, with the improvement of living standards, people demand and the requirements ofcity management is more and more high, the enthusiasm of the masses of people to participate inthe city management has also greatly improved, city management oriented by public satisfactionis gradually into people’s field of vision. With the public satisfaction evaluation of citymanagement quality of service is not only the objective requirements of social development, isalso the national construction of the inevitable requirement of service type government. However,the implementation of public satisfaction for our city management service evaluation research isjust started, so the research needs to draw lessons from the foreign and domestic researches oncustomer satisfaction, the need for the service oriented government theory, government publicsatisfaction, public expectations and statistical methods of in-depth analysis, comprehensiveanalysis in order to obtain the evaluation of the urban management department of publicsatisfaction from the enlightenment.Based on the urban management department as the research object, a city in JiangxiProvince as an example, not only the calculation of the city urban management sector of thepublic in the process of service satisfaction score, and found in the provision of services in thecity urban management problems from the analysis, and puts forward some countermeasures.The conclusions of this study are as follows:1,Public satisfaction with the urban management department services not because ofstatistical variables personal changes, namely statistical variables personal change, publicsatisfaction does not change very much.2,Urban image and service experience is the biggest determinant of public satisfaction, thatis to let the public get real satisfaction, urban management efforts are required to its image andservice experience 3,Public expectations of public satisfaction has no relevance, namely public expectations ofcity administration service value or not, has nothing to do with the public satisfaction.4,There is a positive correlation between the degree of public participation in direct, i.e. thehigher education, the public participation willingness and enthusiasm is high.Finally, the paper summarizes the research, and according to the investigation and researchon the urban management department put forward several suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:city management department, public service, public satisfaction, publicparticipation
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