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Research On The Mode And Countermeasure Of E-government Construction In Lianyungang Local Government Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2019-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330569995050Subject:Public Management
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The nineteen major reports of the party put forward the goal of transforming government functions,deepening decentralization and building a service-oriented government of people’s satisfaction.As an important practice of the construction of service oriented government in China,the administrative service center plays an important role in the construction of service-oriented government in China.E-government as an important part of the administrative service center,its development directly affects the service effect of the government service center to the public.In recent years,the local government government service center has achieved a series of achievements on the level of e-government construction and the expansion of service channels,and has won the recognition of the society and the public.However,with the deepening of the e-government construction in the administrative service center,especially in comparison with the rapid and convenient experience brought by the rapid development of electronic commerce to the public,the construction of E-government in the administrative service center has also shown some problems that can not be ignored in the legal status,service function,convenience and information sharing,especially with the continuous development of the administrative service center to the network.The development of e-government is more and more important in the construction of administrative service centers.These factors restrict the development of administrative service centers to a large extent.To explore the mode of e-government construction in the local government administrative service center,find out the existing problems in the construction of e-government,compare the successful cases at home and abroad,and combine the new public service theory,try to find the countermeasures to improve the e-government construction of the administrative service center,which will be the main purpose of this article.Taking Lianyungang as an example,this paper makes an effective analysis of the main problems,such as lack of legal system guarantee,poor concept consciousness,single function,lack of information sharing and lack of supervision in the process of e-government construction of Lianyungang administrative service center,and puts forward perfect laws and regulations on how to improve and develop e-government service center construction and strengthen system guarantee.It is of great practical significance to guide the construction of e-government service centerin Lianyungang,the overall construction of the government service center in Lianyungang and the construction of the national administrative service center.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Affairs Service Center, E-government, Lianyungang city
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