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The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Construction Of The Government Service Center Of Fushan District Government Of Yantai City

Posted on:2018-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330536970325Subject:Public Administration
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Since reform and opening up in China,won the high-speed development of the socialist market economy,in order to adapt to this kind of situation,constantly promote the reform of the socialist political system in our country,the local governments at all levels are also faced with the increasingly urgent requirement,functional change of the administrative examination and approval system reform is one of the most important aspects of the government functions.In order to promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system,many areas in China have introduced a lot of measures of the reform of the government affairs service center as a push government affairs public administrative efficiency,improve the quality of government services,and the important carrier and obtained great development in recent years.Through to the government affairs service center,the current situation of the development of the process of the research,analysis of the government affairs service center in the process of production and the development of the problems and put forward some solution,not only is advantageous to the spread of predecessors about the government affairs service center of different aspects of the outstanding research results,more important is to improve and perfect the government affairs service center,to better promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system play a guiding role for reference.In this paper,the first chapter puts forward the research background,purpose and significance,and analyzed the foreign domestic related theory and development process,is introduced in this paper,we study the main content and research methods.Chapter ii summarizes the meanings,functions,meanings and relevant theories of government service centers.On the basis of the second chapter,the third chapter of the operation situation of fushan district government affairs service center,mainly summarizes the achievements since the establishment of the fushan district government affairs service center,and the current problems from four aspects: the government affairs service center of the lack of related legal system;Limited window function of government services;Lack of incentive and guarantee mechanism for window workers;The use of information technology lags behind.The fourth chapter mainly study the foreign advanced countries such as Britain,South Korea and liwan district,guangzhou,nantong and other domestic advanced cities construction experience,reference advanced search,and on this basis,the fifth chapter puts forward the countermeasure and the suggestion of the problem,including accurate positioning government affairs service center,perfecting the operating mechanism;To clarify the legal status and functional orientation of the local administrative service center;We should deepen the concept of service-oriented government and better create serviceoriented government.We will increase investment in the construction of software and hardware for government services.We hope to provide useful reference for the construction and development of the government service center in fushan district and other similar problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:The construction of government affairs service center, Administrative approval, Service-oriented government
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