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Research On Operations And Management Of Government Affairs Service Center In Xigu District

Posted on:2018-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330533458469Subject:Public administration
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Building a service-oriented government is the goal of our government’s administrative reform,which is determined by the nature of our government and is also the need for China to participate in international market competition.The purpose of government service center construction is to provide convenient,fast and efficient service for the public individuals or enterprises,which is an effective measure to build a service-oriented government.After years of effort,until now,Chinese government has built more than 40000 Government Service Halls at all levels.Among these halls,nearly 400 are belong to the provincial and municipal governments,nearly 2800 are belong to the county level governments and more than 37000 as Convenient Service Center are belong to the townships and urban governments which are at the forefront of our government management.The government service center needs to continue improving and standardizing operations in the process of running.At the beginning,the service function of the center is simple investment project approval.But,at present,it has gradually developed to provide a variety of convenience services and vigorously promote government affairs opening.It improves service effectiveness through hotline and e-government and has also made certain achievements in the field of public resources transactions and administrative complaints.It has become a integrated service platform with standardized operation of administrative power,open and transparent government affairs,comprehensive convenience services,strengthen legal supervision,enhanced interaction between government and the public.And It has made a positive contribution to promote the construction of service-oriented government.Although the efforts of governments at all levels,the operation of the government service center has achieved some success,there is still a certain gap between the goal of building a prosperous,democratic and civilized socialist modernization country,and the expectation of the general public for the national public service and management.There are also many problems in the process of operation,which restricts the pace of building a service-oriented government and affects the credibility of our government to a certain extent.Especially in the current China’s further reform of government functions,it is of great theoretical significance and practical value tostudy the development direction and reform ideas of the government service center.By taking the operation of the administrative service center in Xigu District as a case study,on basis of fully drawing on the existing literatures and operation experiences of domestic and foreign government service center,through literature research,interviews and case studies and other research methods,this paper analyse the operation situation of Xigu District administrative service center and puts forward the problems and makes improvement measures in the hope to improve the quality of the operation of the government service center in china.This paper mainly launches from five aspects.First of all,discusses the literatures as well as the theoretical basis of construction and operation of China’s administrative service center to provide theoretical support for research on the government affairs service center in Xigu district.Secondly,summarize the enlightenment of construction and operation experiences of the domestic and foreign affairs service centers and develop ideas to improve the operation status of Xigu District administrative service center.Third,carries on the analysis,summarizes the experience and shows results according to the present operation situation of Xigu District administrative service center.Fourth,analyse the deficiencies of operation and management of Xigu District administrative service center then discusses the reasons that have caused the problems.The main reasons are: the lack of legal basis,the lack of system management and power division,unsound internal and external supervision mechanism,imperfect evaluation mechanism,Inadequate change of service concept,etc.Fifth,according to the existing problems of operation and management of Xigu District administrative service center,formulates the relevant improvement strategies.Mainly including the establishing a sound legal protection,standardizing the system construction and clear power division,strengthening the operation supervision,improving the performance appraisal mechanism and setting up modern service concept etc.
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