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Research On The Scientific Literacy Of Primary School Science Teachers In Lvliang

Posted on:2017-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330485950275Subject:Principles of Education
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In recent years,with the rapid development and change of science and technology,science education has continuously developed.However,compared with developed areas,the science education level of Lvliang City is lower.Science education is an important part of basic education.The development of science education is inseparable from the science teachers and the level of scientific literacy of science teachers directly affects the implementation of science curriculum.Primary school is the enlightenment period in student science education,which determines to students' knowledge of science.So it is very necessary to improve science teachers' scientific literacy.By means of literature method,questionnaire method and interview method,this research studies science teachers in some primary school from seven districts or counties in Lvliang City,Shanxi Province.On the basis of literature analysis,it is considered that the scientific literacy of science teachers includes four dimensions: scientific consciousness,scientific knowledge,scientific ability and scientific affection.Scientific consciousness includes science view and science education;scientific knowledge includes basic science knowledge,history of science and scientific methodology;scientific ability includes scientific inquiry ability,scientific innovation ability,scientific experiment ability and information processing ability;science affection includes scientific attitude and scientific habits.Through the analysis of the survey data and the interview records,the results are in follows.First,the current situation of the elementary school science teachers' scientific literacy,displays in the following.The level of scientific literacy of the elementary science teachers,has not been achieved a qualified good.Among them,the scientific level of consciousness is higher,to achieve good level.Scientific knowledge,scientific ability and scientific affection is relatively low,only to pass the level.Second,in internal difference analysis,displays in the following.Different gender,teaching age and academic background of the elementary school science teachers' scientific literacy has significant difference.And different regions,age and academic background of the elemen tary school science teachers' scientific literacy has not significant difference.Third,in existing problems aspect,the schools do not pay attention to science education,lack full-time teachers and science laboratory equipment,lack regular discussion and communication,and lack scientific education and training.Based on these findings,the author put foword two aspects to improve the scientific literacy of primary school science teachers.The first is creating a good environment for science education including the optimization of higher education courses,emphasis on science and education status,and strengthen pre-service and in-service training.The second is promoting teachers' self-development as following aspects.They are cultivating the modern education idea and realizing self-education,attaching great importance to the history of science knowledge and forming the comprehensive knowledge structure,strengthening scientific experimental ability,implement practical ability and attaching personal ideals into the science education career.
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