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The Reformation Of Engineering Education Based On The Outcome-based Education

Posted on:2017-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488958167Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Along with the national economic development model to develop in the direction of high-tech, economical and refinement, the demand of our country for elite talent is increasing. At the same time, the engineering began to open the domestic doors and the engineering talents began to go to the international market. All sorts of problems existing in the higher engineering education began to reveal and to restrict the pace in the cultivation of engineering talent in our country. How to respond to the new requirements of the "Washington Accord" and how to take hold in the fierce international competition become the urgent problem of China's engineering education. At present, we are in a situation that graduates cultivated by the higher engineering education can't completely meet the demand of the enterprises both in technical ability, practical ability and quality ability. The cause of this situation is not a professional or casual problem but a problem in the traditional engineering education mode which can't keep up with the pace of The Times development both in concept and practice.The Outcome-based Education (OBE) is a brand-new kind of educational pattern, which has been widely recognized in the world since 80s. This paper makes a comprehensive study of the OBE from the aspects of concept, framework and implementation. And it also makes a comparison between the OBE and the traditional education and highlights the advantages of OBE. The study has proved that OBE is an advanced, scientific and reasonable education. And it is a correct selection and also a trend to apply the OBE to the higher engineering education reform, which certainly can make great contribution to the quality promotion of education.Engineering education reform is a systemic engineering, which needs to be considered overall. Under the elaboration of OBE's content, this paper finds out the main points of the implementation and explores the reform of the whole education system including the training program revision, course system building, teaching reform and achievement evaluation. Along with a specific profession, this paper presents the procedure of the reform of engineering education in detail which contains four aspects:training program revision, course system building, teaching reform and achievement evaluation. The order of this study is to make a reference both in ideas and measures for university to practice the engineering education reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outcome-based Education, Engineering education, teaching reform, teaching design
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