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Research On The Design Of Project-based Learning Activities In Universities Under The Guidance Of Outcome-based Education Theory

Posted on:2021-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a key factor in cultivating high-quality talents,college courses play a very important role in the current education reform in my country.Therefore,how to improve students' comprehensive practical ability and subject professional quality through curriculum reform and make it better adapt to the needs of social and professional development has become the focus of national education development reform.The reform of curriculum content and teaching methods is the focus of curriculum reform.At present,many colleges and universities use project-based learning methods to promote students' practical ability and professional quality.However,due to the support of project-based learning activities for social needs Insufficiency and lack of a project-based learning activity system built around the learner's expected abilities have led some students to still fail to meet the requirements of the job when they are employed in the future.Outcome-based education theory is a market-oriented education theory that emphasizes the comprehensive practical ability of students and the cultivation of professional quality in disciplines.Guiding projectbased learning activities based on outcome-based education theory can effectively solve the shortcomings of current project-based learning activities,enhance the directionality of college students' ability and quality training,and better play the role of project-based teaching in the cultivation of students' practical ability Advantages,fully adapt to the requirements of personnel training in college courses,and conform to the development trend of education reform.Therefore,exploring the theory of achievement-oriented education has important theoretical and practical significance in project-based learning activities.In terms of theory,this research analyzes the related research of results-oriented education theory.Combining the characteristics of college courses,the theory of project-based learning activities and teaching practice experience,a design framework of project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory is constructed.The inner loop in this framework emphasizes the internal control of teaching activities.Through the reverse design of the expected results,a series of interconnected project-based learning activities are determined to ensure that students master the core knowledge and skills preset after the teaching activities.The outer loop emphasizes that the learning outcomes of learners are preset based on the current external needs of the country,society,employers,etc.and through continuous feedback of teaching activities,the bridge between society and curriculum teaching is established to provide support for the cultivation of talents in line with social development..At the practical level,this research design framework of project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory is based on the "curriculum achievement goalsability index points-core content-project-based learning activities" of the college course "digital video and audio editing and synthesis".Reverse design of the main line to determine the fourdimensional outcome goals of the course,six major themes and eleven project-based learning activities.Through the qualitative and quantitative methods of data processing and analysis,explore The core links and influencing factors of project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory are introduced,and the activity framework is continuously revised and improved to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of the research results.In the end,the main conclusions of this study are as follows: 1.Project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory can build a project-based learning activity system around the learners' expected abilities,thereby improving the effectiveness of projectbased learning activities.By reversely decomposing the curriculum training objectives,the objectives of each project are connected,the directionality of project-based learning activities to the expected results is improved,and the connection between social needs and project-based learning activities is established.2.Project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory can promote the learner's comprehensive practical ability and subject professional quality.In this study,the project-based learning activity design framework based on the theory of outcome-based education is applied to the course of "Digital Audio and Video Editing and Synthesis".Through the development of three rounds of courses,a comprehensive analysis of the results of the achievement of indicators of competence and quality is shown.The quality of works,the level of production reports,the practical ability of video and audio processing,and the ability of cooperative inquiry have all been significantly improved,and they have the professional practical ability and academic literacy oriented to the needs of society.3.Project-based learning activities based on outcome-based education theory have a good development effect.This study analyzes and summarizes the classroom observations,course feedback questionnaires and interview data collected during the three rounds of course development.The results show that the project-based learning activities based on the outcomebased education theory have an orderly connection and clear goals;students learning interest is increased,learning interaction is strengthened,learning efficiency is effectively improved,and learning activities have a good development effect.
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