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A Case Study On The Divided-flow Talents Training Mode Of Vocational College In The Way Of Combination Between College-Enterprise Dual System

Posted on:2017-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488977589Subject:Principles of Education
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Higher vocational education is an important part of education system,with put forward developing the country through science and education in China,and facing the rapid development of the economy needs,higher vocational education is playing a big role in our country.In order to meet the demand for diversity and compound talents in modern society,higher vocational education was required to continuously explore and innovate the talents training mode,and to improve the quality of talent cultivation,and to realize the talents training goal,and to be made the trend of the diversified-depth development.With innovativing the talents training mode and keeping up with the times,it was the core problem which determined the quality of education and output graduates in vocational colleges.This could lead to some issues on trainning the post ability,professional quality and social demand for students,due to training the specialized subjects major in current higher vocational colleges,and training the practice major in the enterprises,and connecting not closely in many links between colleges and enterprises.But in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system,it was rare research to set up the appropriate talents training system,and to systemically study the effects and methods of student’s career goals,professional quality and work ability in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system.The paper was aimed at the study on divided-flow’s talents training mode of vocational college in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system,which was mainly used the literature method,questionnaire survey method and experience summary method,etc.The paper studied that an innovative talent training model which was established in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system,which put the students from the Botanical Garden Department in Liaoning Agricultural College as for research object,and systemically studied the difference between colleges and enterprises through the system,culture and environment,and discussesed that we should find out the contact point and interest points between colleges and enterprises,and achieve the efficient cooperation in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system through blending and communication on the teaching system,rules and regulations,cultural background,teaching environment and so on;And on this basis,combined with theemployment will of college students,higher vocational college made the talent training scheme been basded on the three elements about college?enterprise and student,which was aimed at humanized training well on the career goal and the professional quality to entrepreneurship and employment of college students,and to improve the learning ability?work ability,etc.The results provided that the divided-flow talents training mode was an effective talent training mode been worth tospreading and learning,whichplayed apositive role of promoting function on accomplishing humanized talent training objectives,and need to constantly promote and expand,but there were still some problems to be improved in practice,which need to improve the understanding of the divided-flow talents training mode in the colleges and enterprises,and should put forward some solutions and suggestions,and standardized the college-enterprise cooperation,and formulated the divided-flow talents training mode and the policies and regulations of college-enterprise cooperation,which were aimed at providing experience and reference to those similar higher vocational colleges which would plan to implement thedivided-flow talents training mode in the way of combination between college-enterprise dual system.
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