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Research About The Practical Case "Community,Social Organizations,Social Work Mode" Involved In The Protection Of Minors

Posted on:2017-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330491452088Subject:Social work
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Protection of minors draws the world's attention. It has been the governments committed to solve the problem that how to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, protect minors from harm, such as violence, abuse and neglect and allow minors to grow in a safe environment. Frequent events of minors in our country has been violated, which reflects the Chinese government in the field of protection of minors and a lot of shortcomings. Recently, China is still on the way to shift children welfare policy shift.How can the reasonable integration of social resources&provide good environment for minors is the problem that must be solved.In recent years, with professional social workers in the social various fields to carry out a number of services, it has been proven that social work intervention in the social governance has higher value and significance. On this basis,H street in this article tries to explore the community, social organizations, social worker tripartite cooperation way of working in the field of protection of minors, in order to better protect minors within the community from harm.This research adopts to the method of field research with the attempts to review & summarize mechanism and process of "three social linkage",understand the practice process,&analyzes its existing problems. With in-depth interview service object&details about the center service process, conclusions are as the following:H street, Nanjing minors protection work has obtained the remarkable result, second in "three social linkage" mode to carry out the system of protection of minors is still exist many level and practical level of problem to be solved. Finally, Suggestions are provided for the uninsured center problems, mainly including trouble found mechanism of perfect minors, the cultivation of the professional skills of social workers, and improve the effectiveness of the "three social linkage" interactive mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Protection of minors, Three social linkage, Social Work, Community, NGO(non-governmental organization)
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