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Research On The Problem Behaviors And Management Strategies Of The Secondary Vocational School Students

Posted on:2017-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the Ministry of Education issued a wide range of policies to value the development of vocational education,increase investment in vocational education,broaden employment channels and internships of vocational students.But as student enrollment continues to expand,the number of students gradually increased,but the quality of students will decline,followed by a series of classroom behavior problems has been plagued by teachers,seriously affecting the quality of teaching and school reputation.The author,taking Shangdong Laiyang Health School as an example,uses literature,questionnaires,interviews and other research methods to explore in depth.Through careful observation and analysis,showing the status of Yantai Vocational School studentsí classroom behavior problems and problem behavior and classroom management,from students,teachers,school,family and social aspects in-depth analysis of problem behaviorsí s reason,try to put forward the prevention and management strategies in Vocational studentsí classroom problem behaviors.Vocational Students first need to correct understand themselves to prevent problem behaviors happening;Second,teachers should improve the teaching and management capacity to prevent and manage classroom behavior problems,establish a good relationship and care psychological needs of students to reduce problem behaviors;schools need the rational allocation of course,adjust the evaluation system,a sound moral education system;parents need to create a harmonious family atmosphere and communicate with the school to joint problem solving;The society need to purify the social and cultural environment and establish the correct guidance of public opinion.In order to ensure classroom activities orderly development,improve the quality of education and promote better development of secondary vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational school students, classroom problem behavior, management strategies
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