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Penetrating Study Of Ecological Moral Education In Ideological And Political Course In High School

Posted on:2017-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ideological and political course is in the nature of moral education and in order to cultivate the students good moral character and the main task of political literacy. But the current moral education system is not perfect in our school and the lack of ecological moral education is not conducive to the formation of students' ecological personality and the all-round development of moral quality. Penetrating ecological moral education in Ideological and political course is not only conforms to the nature of the course, and it is the important condition to build a well-off society in an all-round way and the fundamental guarantee of ecological civilization construction.Through the literature research and classroom observation, the author mastered the teaching effectiveness and the insufficiency of the penetrating of ecological moral education, and put forward the concrete strategy on the basis of predecessors' excellent results and the characteristics of the Ideological and political course.First of all, this paper describes the connotation and characteristics of ecological moral education, and then shows the necessity of ecological moral education in the "life and philosophy" module, and combined the knowledge system of "life and philosophy" module with the basic content of ecological moral education effectively. Pay attention to permeate to the student the true view of nature, harmonious development and practice of ecology and ecological values when teaching materialism, dialectics, epistemology and values. Finally, the paper puts forward some practical strategy, from the perspective of teaching materials, teachers and teaching methods. The specific methods are to perfect the teaching material, improve the teacher's ecological moral consciousness and use a variety of teaching methods.
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