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A Research Based On Ecological Theory For Improving Ideological And Political Education Environment

Posted on:2015-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330452467658Subject:Ideological and political education
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The theory of moral education ecology based on its ecological theory toconstruct its theoretical system, which much more emphasizes the relationshipbetween the issue of “people" in the ideological and political education and the moraleducation system and its elements, to better address some of the problems that thecurrent ideological and political education are facing.Therefore, this paper is based on analyzing the basic ecological concepts andmethodology, with the standpoint of ecological theory, viewing that moral educationsystem consists of educators, educated, moral means (Moral platform andmethodology). The three basic elements constitute an open moral system. School’seducational philosophy, management systems, faculty will directly affect theeffectiveness of moral education, and these factors constitute the inner circulatorysystem of moral ecology (internal environment). Meanwhile, the school cannot bedivorced from social and family, then, social and family is the external circulatorysystem of moral ecology (external environment). The so-called moral educationecology is the system of ideological and political education that with various internaland external factors connected, and has features of integrity, balance, coordinationand openness etc.This study demonstrates the influence of ecological theory of moral education onoptimizing the college students’ ideological and political education environment, andon improving the ideological and political education methodology, and raises a fewmain points: First, the ideological and political education environment must be treatedas an whole organic dynamic to optimize, and by building complete Moral ecosystemto optimize Moral Environment; The second is respecting the students’ subjectivityand participation, treating students as the self-education subjects, improving students’self-awareness and the ability to be self-educated; Third, we must focus onteacher-student relationship and regard the style construction as the axis, byimproving the evaluation scale and promote the students’ ideological and politicaleducation with all the respects. After the basic point is established, I will collect and collate relevant governmentdepartments published data, as well as the hot issues of major social impact ofinformation materials on education, and the ideological and political educationworkers interview survey of college students in Wuhan questionnaire combined bythe existing policies, reports and university educators and students understanding andevaluation of ideological and political education environment for comparison,pointing out the national, social and ideological and political education in the contextof constantly be valued, and it still cannot catch up the social development, etc.Furthermore, the article is from the perspective of system integrity, coming upthe strategy of ideological and political education environment proposed optimization,thinking the government-led national responsibility to create a fair and orderly socialissues environment; proposing to guarantee fairness and justice, health education andsolid pension benefits, creating a healthy and safe educational new mediaenvironment, settling down the nine-year compulsory education and civic education,improving the quality of citizens and other point of view. Discussing the issues abouthow to build positive and healthy campus environment students, For a concisediscussion of the university campus mental health of the environment and theimportance of concise path, Putting forward a platform for building quality educationas the axis of the gradient of the physical environment to promote the campusrecommend construction, Designing to enhance students’ self-learning power for thetarget to improve school management system to solve practical problems of studentsanchored optimization of ideological and political education, methods of education asa starting point to enhance the ability of students to educate themselves and reflectsymbiotic building personality interactive teacher-student relationship of equality anddemocratic ways and means to establish. Regarding communities and families as animportant factor in the ideological and political education in colleges and universitiesoutside the circulatory system, the study of the school community linkage,harmonious interaction of family and school issues.The optimization ideas shows that it has to stand at the height of the moralecology, so that can make the effectiveness of college student’s ideological andpolitical education, and making it as a core to enhance students’ self-motivation andthe ability to learn, solving the practical problems of students is the purpose, optimizing the ideological and political education system environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecological Theory, Moral Education Ecology, Ideological and Political Education Environment, Improvement
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