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The Research And Practice Of Mathematics Flipped Classroom In High School Based On Micro-class Pattern

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rapid development of modern information technology and the popularity of handheld mobile digital products are increasingly changing people's way of life. How to incorporate information technology into teaching is a question that each educator should consider.As a new teaching mode, Flipped Classroom has come into being on the basis of the theory of constructivism and personalized learning. It is fast becoming the focus and hotspot in the research of the domestic educational circles, especially when this kind of teaching has obtained good effect in the U.S. Flipped Classroom based on the micro-class has created a new teaching mode where students learn independently by watching the micro-class and learning from each other in their study groups. Such teaching mode meets the individual needs of students. Teachers are no longer just imparters of knowledge, but the organizers and facilitators.This paper mainly studies the contents as follows:(1) This paper summarizes the micro-class producing method, process,classification and matters needing attention;(2) By analyzing the current typical domestic and foreign Flipped Classroom teaching mode, studying the present situation of my school and the way of preparing for college entrance examination, we have built Flipped Classroom teaching operation mode and its practical teaching process, which reduces the bad influence of the change of teaching pattern on teaching effect. So our research is very valuable.(3) We have applied this Flipped Classroom teaching mode to high school mathematics classroom and obtained the conclusion by carrying out questionnaire surveys, interviews and data analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-class, Flipped Classroom, high school math
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