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The Empirical Study On The Educational Investment's Contribution To Economic Growth In Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2018-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512967043Subject:Applied Economics
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In recent years,the development of economy in Heilongjiang Province is slow.Its ranking of total economic output in the all provinces of China is failing gradually and speed of development has been behind the national average level.Especially in recent years,the economic growth rate in Heilongjiang Province is in the bottom of the country.Northeast as one of the industrial bases that contributed to the national economic development in the early days of the New China's founding,changing the situation of economic decline in Heilongjiang Province and improving the level of economic development has become the focus of scholar.New economic growth theory suggests that human capital and technological progress is the important elements of economic growth and economic development.Countries with high human capital,its level of income and economic growth rate is high,and vice versa.As the most important way of human capital investment,it has more practical significance to Heilongjiang Province's economic growth from education investment.Firstly,reviews the research on growth theory both at home and abroad,and analyzes the contribution of educational investment to economic growth from the theoretical level.At the mean while analyzes the level of educational development from the number of students?the number of graduates enrollment?the number of teachers,analyzes the level of investment in education from the total amount of investment in education and the level of education investment and analyzes the current situation of the level of economic growth in Heilongjiang Province from the survey of economic growth and economic structure.On this basis,it is found that the problems of education investment and economic growth in Heilongjiang Province.According to the present situation of education development in Heilongjiang Province,dynamically analyzes the elasticity and contribution rate of educational investment and capital to economic growth in Heilongjiang Province by using the logarithmic production function.Based on the analysis of Heilongjiang education investment contribution to economic growth,uses the comprehensive index method to analyze the education of all levels of education's contribution to economic growth.Combined with the empirical analysis conclusions and the problems existing in the education investment and economic growth of Heilongjiang province,namely the contribution of educational investment to economic growth is far less than the contribution of capital to economic growth,while the output elasticity of educational investment to economic growth is greater than the output elasticity of capital to economic growth,carry on the correlation analysis,in order to solve economic growth slowly in Heilongjiang Province,expediting the development of education,expanding the scale of investment in education,improving education at the level of investment,optimizing the industrial structure upgrade policy recommendations are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education Investment, Economic Growth, Beyond the Logarithmic Production Function, Method of Education Synthesis Index
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