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Research On Mass Games From Civil Sports Society Organizations

Posted on:2018-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515456441Subject:Humanities and sociology
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In recent years,scholars for the government to purchase public sports services to social organizations based on the case study of the existing cases,the lack of systematic theory of combing.At the same time,the government on sports social organizations to buy mass sports events in this important area is still a blank.Therefore,this research is based on the contents of the National Sports General Administration in Jiangsu,Jiangxi,Ningxia,Xinjiang,the four provinces and autonomous regions to carry out sports social organizations to serve the national fitness pilot project,the four provinces and autonomous regions to the sports community organizations to buy mass sports events theoretical research and practice Research,with a view to sports social organizations to undertake activities to better carry out innovative path,and produce practical significance.This paper starts with the historical background of the purchase of mass sports events from the government to the social organizations,takes the public purchase of public sports services from the sports social organizations as the research object,takes the principal-agent theory,the new public management theory and the new public service theory as the theoretical basis,This paper defines and integrates the relevant theories of "mass sports events" by using the methods of field investigation,questionnaires,interview and so on.By using the funds of four provinces and autonomous regions government to purchase various sports social organizations,Content and scope,purchase effect,evaluation methods and so on,summed up the results obtained,demonstrating the government departments to the sports social organizations to purchase public sports services,financial system led to the allocation and use of funds difficult,the type of event is still single,Some of the units did not clear the activities of the arrangements for the event,the relevant laws and regulations lagging behind the lack of sufficient capacity of social organization of sports negotiations is difficult to dock the needs of government departments and other issues come to the current development of sports social organization has gradually reflected with its economic and social structural changes The government departments to buy social sports organizations to buy mass sports events between the purchase of the mutual benefit of the main object,is gradually forming an independent public sports service management network;by the financial capital constraints,the purchase process,the current government The main part of the sports social organization "support horse,take a ride";most sports social organizations lack of "blood" mechanism and other conclusions.The government departments should formulate the support and training policies of sports social organizations,and strive to capital,taxation,project,and so on.In this way,the government should establish the social security system,And other aspects of the tilt to the social sports organizations,combined with the actual situation,regulate the process of government departments to buy events,according to the different regional social and economic development differences in the development of different programs and other recommendations.In order to perfect our government to the sports social organizations to buy mass sports events theory,sum up practical experience.On this basis,to promote the model as soon as possible in the case of mature to other provinces to replicate and promote,and then establish and improve the country's government to the sports community organizations to buy mass sports events system.
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