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Research On The Role Of Sports Social Organization In Mass Sports Events

Posted on:2020-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330602457088Subject:Sports science
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The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee pointed out that it is necessary to "inspire the vitality of social organizations and realize the benign interaction between government governance and social autonomy",break the government's all-encompassing situation,and play the role of social organizations in social governance.However,under the influence of many factors such as the long-standing national system and the old cultural atmosphere,the functions of sports social organizations in the event activities have little effect.Based on this,this study is based on the theory of third-party governance and the theory of contract failure.Through the methods of literature,interviews,field surveys,and DEA-TOPSIS,the research on sports social organizations in the mass sports events in Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou.The role is analyzed and the following conclusions are drawn:(1)The motivation of sports social organization in mass sports events in Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou has theoretical reasons,related theories development,changes in the functions driving force of practice includes the differences in the development environment of sports social organizations in the Suzhou-Sixi-Chang region.The administrative payment of the sports administrative department and the construction of the information culture of the sports social organization(2)The sports social organizations in different scales in the Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou regions play different roles,and act as "co-organizers" in national competitions and "contractors" in provincial competitions."Organizers or co-organizers" in city-level events,the"sponsors" in the event.In the self-organized activities,the specific role of sports social organizations is to plan the layout of the event,the main body of the event,the rules makers,the event supervisors and the event evaluators.(3)The 34 events of 15 municipal sports social organizations in Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou were selected as the decision-making targets.The results of the analysis were as follows:there were 13 events with a TE value of 1 and 20 PTE values.There are 13 events with the same scale and remuneration,and they are sorted by TOPSIS method.The selection of 2 events is relatively effective in the future,so that sports social organizations can better play their role from the perspective of event input and output.(4)In the Suzhou-Sixi-Chang area,the masses In the process of sports social organizations playing a role in sports competitions,the following dilemmas exist:the government's tax incentives are not sufficiently intensive,and the government's support is insufficient in terms of venues and other resources.The old institutional thinking and interest chains affect the decentralization of government functions,and government administrative payments.Lack of strength.In the institutional system,the old system banned the development of weak associations,the dual management system reduced the enthusiasm of the association,and the laws and regulations governing the competition were not perfect.Diversified channels for their own funds cannot be effectively guaranteed,and the construction of standardized venue facilities needs to be strengthened.The level of specialization of personnel at different levels is not enough.In the cultural aspect,the long-term official-based thoughts infiltrate and form a dependence on the government.The lack of public participation in the culture leads to low participation in activities,and the lack of self-independence leads to the crisis of trust in sports social organizations.(5)Exploring the role of sports social organizations in the mass sports events in the future.The development path includes:association-club-company three-in-one development model,market-oriented emerging sports development model,development mode based on development of site resources.The optimization strategy to ensure the development of its path is to increase the government's all-round support,create an attractive institutional mechanism,consolidate its own operational construction foundation,and transform traditional ideas.
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