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Study On The Influence Of Formal Institutional Environment On Professional Identity Of Social Work

Posted on:2018-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Originated from Europe in the late twentieth Century and early nineteenth Century,Social Work is a professional occupation for the core value of helping people and the purpose of caring and serving the people.However,it started late in China with the characteristics of the top-down development.Since the social work personnel decisions and arrangements being made in the sixth Plenary Session of the 16 th CPC Central Committee,social work enjoyed great development in professionalization and specialization,getting more experience in social work system construction,personnel training,job settings,services,and security incentives.However,the real dilemma is that the professional identity of social work is relatively low.Institutional factors are the underlying causes of the relatively low social recognition of social work.In conclusion,exploring the problem of the social work of the professional identity from the perspective of formal institutional environment is the major practical issue that social work professionalization and specialization face.This paper is based on the recognition of theoretical perspective,integrating the methods of quantitative and qualitative,exploring the influence of the formal institutional environment on the profession identification,the recognition of professionalism,the recognition of professional efficiency,the recognition of professional foreground and its internal mechanism on the construction of social work to enhance social identity of the program.The study found that formal systems such as legal system,fiscal and taxation support system,promotion system,vocational qualification system,salary system and post setting have significant influence on social work professional identity.The legal system,the vocational qualification system and the fiscal and taxation support system have a significant effect on the recognition of social work professional efficiency.The influence of the legal system,the system of taxation on the recognition of social work professional identity is significant.Salary system,job placement and development have a significant impact on the employment prospects of social work.From the point of view of optimizing the formal institutional environment,it is necessary to improve the government's purchase of public service system,we need to improve the professional identity of the social work profession,the institutional arrangements for the professional status of social workers and the professional status of social workers the institutional arrangements as soon as possible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work, Professional identity, Formal institutional environment
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