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The Study On The Pros And Cons Of Cancelling Public Institutions’ Staff Quotas And Countermeasures Of Teaching Staff Construction In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2018-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the in-depth advancing of national personnel system reform,the cancelation of public institutions’ Staff quotas in higher vocational colleges has been an irreversible trend.The spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of PRC explicitly says that the convergence approaches of personnel management are being studied when the cancelation of Staff quotas in colleges and universities and public hospitals comes into effect.Some public institutions in Beijing and Shenzhen have already practiced and explored cancelling Staff quotas.In this context,the paper,based on the relevant theories of personnel market and personnel management,analyzes the status quos and major problems of teaching staff construction in higher vocational colleges.Referring to certain literature documents,the paper,through questionnaire survey and random interview to teachers and personnel staff,dissects the positive and negative effects that the cancelation of staff quotas may have on teachers in higher vocational colleges,especially the advantages and disadvantages for teaching staff construction in higher vocational colleges that it may bring about.It’s generally acknowledged that a high-quality teaching team is the core factor for higher vocational colleges to cultivate skill-oriented talents and promote connotation construction.In view of the advantages and disadvantages,especially the negative effect for teaching staff construction that the cancelation of staff quotas may generate,the paper suggests that higher vocational colleges transform their philosophies of personnel management,innovate their modes of personnel management,provide more personnel products and services of high quality and assure the maintenance and appreciation of personnel values.According to the reality of teaching staff construction in higher vocational colleges,the paper also puts forward some countermeasures from the aspects of reinforcing the screening of new teachers,improving performance salary system,stabilizing backbone teachers and perfecting the teacher motivating and regulating mechanism.Meanwhile,in order to impel higher vocational colleges to promote their talent-cultivating level and cope with the serious challenges facing higher vocational education,the paper proposes that higher vocational colleges further their humanistic care to teachers,create a fair and justice competitive environment,arouse teachers’ working enthusiasm and activeness and guarantee the stability of the teaching staff.
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