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Stepwise Teaching Method In The Teaching Of Professional Sports Hurdles Experimental Research

Posted on:2018-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518968182Subject:Physical education
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With the continuous deepening of the reform of education development,the school sports education reform put forward higher request,in the process of sport teaching destination established,the choice of content,method and means of selection and update is very important.How to in the teaching process to choose the appropriate teaching methods to arouse students enthusiasm and creativity has become the concern of scholars.In this paper,the application of using the stepwise method to hurdle teaching in colleges and universities,explores the teaching method in hurdling teaching in colleges and universities is scientific and feasibility of using,For sports teaching in colleges and universities use the optimization of the teaching method,optimize the teaching effect to provide feasible theoretical basis and practical basis.The research object of this paper choose to focus on action skills complex,comprehensive strong hurdle sports Through various data access,found that hurdle is the most difficult part of the track and field teaching program,teaching difficulty is running across the cross effective connection,so student in the center of gravity low,insufficient ground,empty after cut legs twisted time not fitting;A bar up accross the leg knee ankle when hit a colmn board;Next bar toe hook to the tailgate.moves to a halt.these problems directly affect the effect of learning in students in class hurdles,in reaction to the phenomenon.this article uses the stepwise method to sports college students in the hurdles teaching experiment,the effective solution on the basis of different physical quality and level of ability of learning in the teaching of negative effects,to improve students enthusiasm.Found that after a lot of literatures about the document of step teaching method applied in track and field teaching are few,and more general.So this article uses the stepwise selection method of shandong normal university sports institute 2015 level two classes as experimental object,the teaching target and content effectively intergrated into the teaching process,in this paper,the method of documentation,expert interview method,questionnaire survey,mathematical statics method,analysis method and experimental method.Conclusions are as follows:(1)stepwise teaching method to improve the physical education major students hurdles technology,shorten the teaching time,improve the teaching effect and quality have more obvious effect.(2)the use of ladder type teaching method for students to master hurdles professional knowledge and teaching method,improve sports skills,develop the students cognitive ability has a positive effect,so that the students in the learning process will not only but also to teach.(3)stepwise teaching method applied in the teaching process,can according to different levels of students according to their aptitude,embodies the stepwise method has great flexibility.(4)stepwise teaching method in teaching can promote students initiative,creative play,strengthen the communication between students,improve the ability of autonomous learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:stepwise method, hurdles, ordinary universities
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