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Evaluation Of Logistics Service Quality Of Large Scale Sports Events Based On Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Posted on:2018-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536971149Subject:Logistics engineering
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With the development of economy and society,sports industry has become an important part of contemporary social and economic development.Large scale sports events bring about the development of economy,but at the same time,it brings a series of problems such as waste of materials and equipment.In the concept of sustainable development has been recognized today,expand and improve the level scale of events,event logistics service not only to meet within the time and space requirements will all flow of resources and accurate planning or delivery to the destination,but also the relationship of balance and the environment and society,so the logistics service work put forward higher the requirements of.In recent years,there has been a lot of research for the development of the logistics of major sports events,improve the competition of logistics service quality level can assist the smooth running of the event,and reduce the cost,rational planning of logistics solutions,improve the utilization rate of resources.Therefore,the establishment and research of the evaluation system of logistics service quality is a very valuable proposition.This paper reviews the domestic and foreign scholars on the research and analysis of the major sports events related to logistics and the use of Fuzzy AHP method to evaluate the quality of logistics service of large-scale sports events.In this paper,the concept and characteristics of the large-scale sports events are analyzed theoretically,and the research object is the logistics service quality evaluation system of the comprehensive large-scale sports events and the special large-scale sports events.Due to the sudden and randomness of the event is the most important factor in the event logistics is different from the ordinary commercial logistics,the requirements of the event organized by the staff and related programs have adequate emergency measures and capabilities.At the same time,enhance the people’s awareness of environmental protection,from one-time,destructive to recycling and sustainable development change events held the waste of resources,high vacancy rates,low utilization rate,not only after the logistics service has become the focus of attention.This paper mainly through the Delphy expert investigation method,literature method,case method,fuzzy AHP method,theory characteristics oflarge scale sports events with logistics services,establish the index system and the quantitative analysis.The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2016 Guangzhou International Marathon two representative and regional sports events obviously by using the fuzzy comprehensive analysis method of case analysis,through the two event in the logistics service quality,including relevant indicators of purchasing logistics service,warehousing and logistics services,logistics services,service reliability and the reverse logistics are weighting analysis,and puts forward corresponding solutions for issues related to improve programmes related personnel control the event smoothly and provide reference data to reduce the unnecessary waste of resources for the event.Study on the evaluation results for the day after the big sporting events held to improve the level of logistics service quality and management events,and promote the development of flow has important significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:event logistics, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, logistics service quality
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