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The Appear Research Of Three-dimensional Target In Current Five Version Biology Textbook At Senior High School

Posted on:2016-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The “ordinary high school biology curriculum standard”, as the basis of compiling textbooks, comparing with the previous outline, puts forward new requirements It puts three dimensions, including knowledge and skills, emotional attitude and values, process and methods, and puts forward four basic ideas. The emergence of the new standards, the corresponding under the new curriculum standard a series of new teaching materials have emerged. The new textbooks in the implementation of these ideas and three dimensional objects and features caused many people’s attention and research. Through consulting a large number of literature, know the past the study of teaching material, the majority stay in plain text analysis, no quantitative research, lack of measure, and paying attention to the different versions of textbooks for comparative study of three dimensional target present situation are much rarer.Studying on textbook can make each version teaching material to clear their advantages and disadvantages and then improve in further. According to the characteristics of regional and students, schools select the teaching materials; teachers in the use of the teaching material should clear the characteristics what they use the teaching material, and are able to integrate the characteristics of the different versions of textbook, complement each other, make the design of classroom teaching optimization.In “the genetic and evolution” as an example, carries on three aspects of the current five versions of high school biology textbooks.First of all, set the formulation of the first level indicators of teaching evaluation system in knowledge, ability and psychology, emotional, and determine the weight of each index through expert ranking method. In each index of different versions of textbooks for qualitative and quantitative analysis, and compare each edition of the textbooks in each level indicators and the corresponding secondary indexes sort of the pros and cons. So the advantages and disadvantages of each version teaching material become clear and intuitive. Five textbooks integral sorting is PEP edition >BNU edition>JSJY >SMP > Zhe edition in the pictures, the comprehensive weights are respectively 4.119、3.214、3.147、2.745、1.808, BNU edition、JSJY and SMP possesses the same level.Then, analyze the characteristics in the integration of 3 d object for each version of teaching material. On the whole, include the dimension of knowledge to ability dimension and emotional dimension as the starting point of integration. Five kinds of textbooks on the application of the classic case are the same, in details each one has his good points. Each version of teaching material has its own characteristics in a certain section.Finally, based on the new “class standard” requirements for three-dimensional target and the various versions of textbooks of their own requirements for three-dimensional object,different levels of degree requirements to quantify by assigning, the article make use of quantitative models difficulty N=aS/T+(1-a)G/T, and carry on a comparative analysis of five editions teaching materials in the scope of the course(g), curriculum depth(s) and difficulty(n) and the “standard” anastomosis. Select the “genetic cell based”, “human genetic disease”and “evolution” three parts carries on the quantitative analysis. With local representatives as a whole, from the analysis results can be summarized the overall difficulty of the characteristics for the each version of textbook. From difficult to easy to sort in turn is Zhe edition >JSJY >PEP edition=BNU edition >SMP.The use of materials evaluation system and the difficulty of quantitative models,improves in the past in the textbook analysis on subjective general pure text description. Use data to illustrate the problems, it is the exploration of biological teaching material analysis.The conclusion is that each edition of the textbooks are able to reflect the curriculum three dimensional goal and philosophy, but in the way, the way, the degree, the difficulty value showing the existence of their own characteristics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Three dimensional target, teaching evaluation index system, three dimensional target integration, quantitative analysis of the difficulty
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