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An Analysis Of The “Super High School” Phenomenon From Multi-dimensional Perspective

Posted on:2018-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515460390Subject:Principles of Education
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The famous "super high school" have a lot of achievements through the efforts.As a product of the social transformation,the birth of“Super High School”is necessary under the social stratification flow,school development needs and individual rational choice.But it has been controversial all the time,also has many problems.As high school education is a special phenomenon,"super high school" problem is related to the development of local government,schools and all students and parents,including the value orientation and direction of the high school education.Therefore,it is necessary to analyze the social connotation,reveals the social function and influence of "super high school".So that we can explore the optimization strategy,and promote the development of high standardization,equalization,diversity."Super high school" is famous for its myth of the university entrance exam,also it is widely criticized by a great number of media,such as "the university entrance exam factory","manufacturing machine","inferno".As a product of social transformation,the generation of “super high school” jointly influenced by political,economic and cultural background,there are a certain inevitability.Therefore this study adopted the method of literature to analyze the historical background of the system.Point out the necessity of "super high school" respectively from political,economic and cultural background and put the phenomenon of "super high school" in the perspective of historical development,looking for "super high school" the logical starting point.Besides,different social debates of "super high school" can be found from three dimensions: form,fairness,functional.So that people can see the prototype sample of the "super high school".The positive,negative and neutral school hold the different words of "super high school".In order to guarantee the objectivity of the phenomenon of "super high school",this study interviewed some well-known "super high schools" by investigation method,interview method and try to reveal the phenomenon of "super high school" from the perspective of local government,schools,students,parents and teachers,such as the profit-driven,intercollegiate gap,stakeholders voice.On the basis of the survey,this paper gives a rational examination of the phenomenon with the framework of "attribution,evaluation,reflection" :analyzing the external cause and internal cause under the theory of cultural capital and education fairness,also try to find the cultural capital logical structure about “super high school” field,and evaluate the function,the fairness and efficiency of the “super high school” in the perspective of functional theory.Meanwhile this paper expounds the personal experience and reflection of this research with the methodology of phenomenology.Finally,try to analyze from several different angles such as the society,government,schools and parents.First of all,put forward some suggestions on the school innovation from the perspective of both efficiency and fair.Then,clear the responsibilities of the government.Thirdly,put forward the social responsibility on the basis of objective and rational views.Besides,call on the public rational objective view of the "super high school".
Keywords/Search Tags:“Super High School”, educational fairness, culture capital, the selection mechanism
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