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A Study Of Peer Interaction Influence On The Study Outcomes

Posted on:2019-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330545475836Subject:Higher Education
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Peers are an important role that cannot be ignored in student development.Peer interaction is one of the factors in college student engagement,and it is an important part of the interpersonal interaction on campus.It affects the learning achievement of college students.Based on the existing findings,this paper mainly studies the influence of peer interaction on study outcomes.The author took the 278 undergraduates of the research university N as their survey subjects and learned their learning experiences through a self-administered questionnaire.Focus on inquiries:whether there are differences in peer interactions under different background characteristics;how peer interactions will affect the study outcomes of college students;what the relationship of peer interactions and teacher-student interactions,and whether peer interaction and teacher-student interaction have the same effect on study outcomes;during the peer interactions,teacher-student interactions,and study outcomes,whether deep learning plays the important role.This study uses SPSS21.0 software to analyze the data.In the end,four conclusions are drawn:1.Peer interaction has a significant impact on the learning outcomes of college students.Peer interaction includes four types:academic interaction,emotional communication,activity participation,and value identification.All types have a positive impact on study outcomes.Peer interaction can not only directly affect the learning outcomes of students,but also can indirectly affect the learning gain through deep learning.The direct influence and overall effect of peer interaction exceeds teacher-student interaction.2.There is a correlation between peer interaction and teacher-student interaction,and there are differences in the study outcomes.Peer interaction is more conducive to the acquisition of general skills of college students,and teacher-student interaction has a greater role in obtaining professional knowledge of college students.3.Peer interactions performed well,but the quality of interactions needed to be improved.Compared with the apparent lack of teacher-student interaction,peer interactions are generally worthy of high points.However,in the influence of peer interaction and teacher-student interaction on deep learning,it is found that peer interaction has less influence on deep learning.4.There are differences in peer interaction among college students with different background characteristics.For example,in terms of gender,boys and girls have no significant differences in overall peer interaction,but girls are significantly better than boys in emotional communication;in grade level,as the grade of college students increases,peer interaction and study outcomes appear the trend of "high-low-low-high";the students who served as student cadres were significantly more active than the students who did not serve as student cadres;the students with the highest scores were better at the performance of peer interaction and study outcomes.Based on the above research conclusions,this paper gives the following suggestions:First,attach importance to the interaction effect of student peers and create a culture atmosphere of benign peers;Second,play the role of teacher leader,and let the peer interaction and teacher-student interaction do at the same time;third,inspire Deeply think about learning and improve the quality of college student peer interaction.Fourth,pay attention to student groups with different background characteristics and pay attention to the pertinence of policy measures.Finally,the author discusses the deficiencies of this study,with a view to further improvement in future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:student engagement, peer interaction, teacher-student interaction, deep learning, study outcomes
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